Anyone off to malta barracks this weekend

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by johnnyVB, Jul 20, 2010.

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  1. Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone attending basic this weekend at malta was coming from a unit based in essex? I'm a student and attend training nights in Portsmouth, I'll be heading from there Friday but was wondering if I had the opportunity to get a ride close to home!
  2. Unless things have changed dramatically, I would guess not. Bravo Bravo can give a better answer though.

    When I started, it was private cars all the way. But somebody took a disliking to losing the parade square to cars, and stated from there on, somebody from the TAC would drive everyone there and back in a wagon - this was also to do with sleeping hours before driving home.

    Furthermore, if you are using weapons from your TA unit (rather than a centrally held pool at malta), you will likely have to clean them at the TAC before you go home rather than doing them at Malta Bks, in which case you would need to accompany your weapon home.

    I'm not saying it's impossible, but I would guess you probably have to stick with your unit throughout the weekend, which will involve activity at the TAC as well as the RTC.
  3. Trbd, I went a few weeks back, you're right about the wagons but weapons were issued out at Malta and handed back on the last day. I heard a wagon was going close to home last time I was there and wondered if i could jump on their wagon instead of my own, to get off at my tac and straight on a train
  4. Private cars are not allowed at Malta barracks for SUTs. There is an armoury on site, so no need to take weapons back to your TAC.

    If you're there for weekend one, you are in for a surprise.
  5. I was dropped off at home by my own Coy transport back in the day. Had to clean the weapon on the wagon and promise hand-on-heart it was clean. If it wasn't, guess who didn't go to the bar on tuesday because he was 'busy'. But on that theory, I guess you may be able to jump on somebody else's transport. It has been heard of (by myself - from somebody parading at a unit in their 'home' town but catching a lift to their university home).

    Do you not leave your kit at the TAC?

    Don't worry kiddo, the dry bumming isn't half as bad as BB makes it sound.
  6. dont worry lads, weekend one has been suppressed to the back of my mind and I'm ready to move on! In all honestly i loved it, but I'am interested to see what the turn out to the next weekend will be. Hopefully i can get on a wagon going close to home, save me about 3 hours on the trip back =/
  7. Don't worry, Random Black Man will still be there.
  8. Is he still a lance jack???
  9. Yep; he has no wish at all to do Brecon ( which he'd breeze. )
  10. If you can't get a ride in Essex or Portsmouth you must be GAY... Oops did I miss the point soz.. I'll give you a ride I ain't fussy!!