Anyone not yet got their voting papers?

Now call me a bit cynical but concidering that polling day is tomorrow I have still not recived any papers or instructions telling me were to vote. My upstairs neighbour is in the same position. Now I know I've not long moved into the flat but I have registered with the local electoral board and had confirmation back from them that my name has been added to the register of electors back in March.

Seat currently heald by labour hence why my spidey senses are starting to tingle......anyone else in a similar position going to phoine up the electoral registration officer for the area today.

PS it's this weasel who is the sitting MP hence above!
I received my polling card about 3 weeks ago - I'd chase up your local council, but presumably if you are on the register you can vote without a card? Might be worth asking them.
Just checked appaerenty I just need to turn up however no polling card nor even a letter/card telling you were to vote which I find very strange. Now how many people will not vote as they dont have the information telling you the local polling station etc just being new to the area I certainly didn't.


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It's happened to me and Mrs T_B_S we've just moved house so done it on the internet
Then downloaded the form and sent it in but no reply
We rang up to chase them up because it was near the cut off date and were told :

"Don't worry we've already sent all the stuff out so go to where you voted last time you'll still be registered under your old house and vote there"

We moved to a new build so were the first registered there but if the people who bought my old house have registered there that means they and us are registered at the same address

Yet they managed to send the council tax forms out in the correct names to the new address

And they wonder about fraudulent voting practises

Just for the record we're a Labour held city also
I got my postal vote on Friday. I hope, with the holiday week-end backlog, it gets there on time.

I'm also glad to say that one neighbour got both his voting cards, for his main residence and one for his holdiay home (no, he's not an MP). He intends using both. Another got her papers, despite not being a British citizen and being here on a temporary work permit. She intends voting though. :?
Only just got postal vote - hope it gets back in time.

Apparently BFPO are pulling out all the stops to get it there, pity the forward supply chain (local council/royal mail) couldn't match that expectation.

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