Anyone love the infantry?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by blacktoe, Nov 20, 2007.

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  1. Hello all, is there anyone here who loves the infantry? I mean really enjoys it and has lots of positive experiences they could share with me rather than the usual stagging on stories from hell? Or is that what the infantry really is all about? I really fancy it but dont want to make a huge mistake and transfer into a stag vortex. There must be a lot more to it and im sure it depends on the persons attitude and what unit hes at etc? ... or maybe im way off the mark here. Can anyone help me here? I need guidance.
  2. There is no easy answer to this type of question. Some people like to drink neat whisky. Some people like their soldiering to be undiluted as well. If you really enjoy a robust way of life in a very close knit community doing pure *soldiering* its ideal. But it does not suit everybody.
    But the truth is that yes - they can end up doing a lot of stags. But they are also the most likely to end up at close quarters with the enemy.
  3. Anyone love the Infantry?

    I do. I personally couldn't imagine doing anything else in the Army, albeit as a member of the TA for the previous 10 years.

    Will you stag on? Yes but then so do the other parts of the Army.

    For me the Infantry is soldiering distilled into its purest form. Other Arms bleat on about being Infanteers too but I don't 100% buy into this. Of course they cover fieldcraft during training and practice it throughout their career but that is not their role. Their role is as Engineers, Signallers, Armourers etc etc

    I have no doubt that they are well trained and can conduct themselves well in the field (I have no intent on starting yet another G3 Snobbery thread) but as unit they can not conduct Infantry operations to the same standard as the Infantry. Which is why if you join the Infantry you will recieve the same Phase 1 Training as the other Arms but afterwards you will be hammered on a intensive Phase 2 Combat Infantrymans Course which takes soldiering to a whole other level and will turn you into a true practioner of warfare, steely eyed dealer of death and many other warry cliches. (And yes I am aware that CIC is just one long course I was just looking at illustrating the difference)

    For me it is a massive buzz knowing I am in the only part of the Army that is capable of taking AND holding ground and can operate in any environment on Earth and that most of the other parts of the Army work in direct support of me.

    The Infantry is no longer a poor mans trade. There is plenty of opportunity to specialise (Javelin, SF, Recce, Int Cells, QM's departments etc etc) so you can always learn something new.

    It all comes down to what you want out of the Army. If you want to make it a life long career and experience Soldiering at its purest then crack on. If however you are only looking at remaining in for a relatively short period of time and looking at leaving with some transferable skills then you might best be looking at one of the other Arms. But do remember that you can always transfer to another Arm or Capbadge throughout your career so the choice you make now with regards to the Army need not dominate your military career.
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  4. You've been brain washed, haven't you? Or is this just a PTSD thing from being made to bend over and squeel like a piggy in a foxhole in Wales.... :roll:
  5. Question. Does anybody love the Infantry?
    Answer. Yes, their oponents Atillery
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  6. Bore off Walter.
  7. For sure - all those who serve within!
    Be bold, be brave and join us or watch from the touchline.
    The choice is yours!

    Enough said.

  8. [quote=" Bore off Walter.[/quote]

    Well that was real insightful wasn't it ?: :roll:

    The Infantry is great and I thoroughly enjoyed my time as an Infanteer doing SF. But also enjoyed learning some new skills when I cross badged to the Royal Regiment of Artillery.

    But as other have posted there are lots of career choices in the Army and everyone gets to stag on. So if your up for the Infantry go for it, if thats what you want. Good luck with whatever you choose to do.

  9. Bore off Walter.[/quote]

    YAWN :roll:
  10. My Bold
    Hate to burst your bubble but you may want to recheck your facts on that.
  11. All appears entirely accurate to any Infantryman!
  12. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    Agreed :D
  13. Memo to Brecon-billy...

    Excellently put my man, a credit to the creed!
  14. Once the RAF have bombed it, The Dropshorts have shelled it, and the sappers have cleared a route for you, then perhaps you can hold the ground....what an enormous pipe dream you have if you believe that only the Infantry can take and hold ground. And whilst other arms may not be trained to the degree that infanteers are, they can still carry out the infantry role when push comes to shove.... how many infanteers can lay a gun, build or blow a bridge? It's all good and well being proud of your arm.... but dont be such a knobber about it... and whats more TA at that!!
  15. Your not the only ones capable of taking and holding ground.

    But a fantastically enthusiastic definition of an infantryman, If only everyone had your passion.