Anyone lived/worked in Al Kharj?

Does anyone have any experience of living in Al Kharj?

I'd be grateful for any info on living and working there.
I was at Prince Sultan Air Base, Al Kharj, in 2001 - 2002. Is this where you mean? The facilites and housing were great - it was a 250 sq mile gated community with lots of interesting activity. In those days visiting 'foreign' military personnel where based in the FFHC - 'Friendly Forces Housing Complex' (occasionally, and more accurately the 'Foreign Forces Housing Complex'), but this was abandoned by USAF, FAF and RAF in 2003-04. Western contractors (eg BAe) had their own complexes inside the wire but movement was - and is - strictly controlled between your accn and your place of work - ie no strolling around to see what is happening in other areas. Some of the housing complexes were simply abandoned when contracts expired - around the camp there were several abandoned villages of modern, 'Western' buildings.

Riyadh is about 2 hours up the road and worth visiting every so often (avoid it during Ramadan) and there were a couple of good restaurants in Al Kharj itself - home, famously, of OBL's mother...

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