Anyone live at Racedown Road, Blandford???

Hi all,

I am soon to be posted to Blandford and I was wondering if anyone had any pictures of what the houses at Racedown road look like.

Mainly so my Wife can have some idea of what we are moving into.

My email address is

Many thanks in Advance
Ballix to PERSEC. It's only a picture, and an e-mail address is nuthin!!!
Absolutly nothing Silent. People get over protective. Theres got to be someone there who can take a picture for you and e-mail it on.
to be fair a picture off a quarter in blandford would make your wife not want to move. but inside they are pretty good so dont let the outside look worry you have a great time in blandford!!!!
#10 said:
racedown is up near cable systems , and ok , its out of the way , and no were near the rabit hutches of gunville
parking is a bit of a drama though, depending on how far along the road you are. at some bits there's cars on both sides of the road.

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