Anyone like Magic ?

I do, like seeing a good illusionist or street worker ( of the magical type). Always great to see someone who can entertain .

Saw the great Drummond Money-Coutts tonight on TV . What a ****** , even worse than that Dynamo tosser.

Saw his " new, original"? Take on the card picked are random and then thrown behind a window. Well , it is good if not done with a staged " gang" of street cred dudes. First "original" trick was OK but the next with the hard street fighter " finding his card folded in his shoe" was the worst bit of acting in magic since Paul " you'll like this but not a lot".

His redo of the Houdini walking through a wall was toss as we'll . Even see him moving in the boxes.

Mind he must be good , his bio says he has done magic in front of some important people , like
Jeremy Clarkson,Hugh Grant, David Ginola, Eugene Wu, Stephen Fry and Eddie Jordan. who TF is Eugene Wu?

Still nice to know if he fails on paying his way into a TV show that entertains he can still keep on living the high life on daddy's fund.
i fcking hate magicians [with the absolute exception of David Blane ] i think they are creepy ,pervy, attention seeking , bastards .

i also hate Poets they are depressing bastards that need offing pol pot style ,and if i was some cultural dictator i'd ban the teaching of poetry imho it teaches people to look at the world in a morbid way.


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I'm a poet
And I don't know it.

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