Anyone Leaving the REME soon and looking for a job.

Discussion in 'REME' started by The_IRON, Jun 14, 2007.

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  1. Sorry to MODS this is in REME forum and not job section but its more relevant to this site.

    Just been offered a job as a Truck Service Manager (major dealership)in West London which could suit any Artisan/Tiffy VM who's just about to get out after 22 years.
    I still have over two and a half years left or would of jumped at the chance.

    If your interested about getting more info PM me and I'll pass on details, its not been advertised as yet but my brother is the general manager and knows that he'll get the best with an ex REME senior as most of the work is what we do on a daily basis-
    ie Health and Safety, kicking arrse with the work force, daily running of workshop.

    Main financial points
    30+ K a year
    25% bonuses
    Company Car

    Its a gen up job and not been advertised yet due to wanting a reliable person and wants to get things running efficiently.
  2. Bugger, makes one wish he had less time to do. Good of you to adertise it though.
  3. Excellent post and well advertise. Bloody got 2.5 years left :(
  4. A few interested parties who have sent CV's so fingers crossed for those who applied.

    He's also mentioned he's after qualified HGV fitters I believed he said at £13.00 an hour but that would have to be negociated with regards what quals you have. Anyone interested pm me again. Same thing around the Wembley area.

    Good hunting.
  5. Im hoping to leave soon and i have my eye on the job market anything is better than this shit. REME i shit em. Bollocks. Mickey mouse might aswell run the show. Roll on 1UK civ div. Cue Army fan boys. Yawn.
  6. You've changed Cpl BB!!!
    I hope its yer good eye!!
    Come and work for me, I need a brew bitch!!!!!!!!! :)
  7. Cpl BB, a small but valuable bit of advice for when you get out, don't burn your bridges with the army or you may find (like many of us), that civvy street is quite shite! VM jobs are ten a penny as are VMs, working conditions in a lot of places are crap and your squaddie sense of humour will be about as popular as a french kiss at a family wedding. Lots get out and get back in (me incl), all the best in the future and I hope it works out for you. :wink:
  8. Could MOD please edit job was taken but unfortunately not by ex REME, there are HGV fitter jobs still available at this Dealership near Wembley.