Anyone know who this is...?

The poor girl, probably sent it to her high-school boyfriend/fiancee, love of her life -- who's promptly sent it to all his mates and now has the pleasure of watching it online, forever. :-D
I don't care where she is serving, I want to be there and scrap. She can pay me in kind.

Stuff medicine...........I want to kill something for once :lol: :lol:

......and the fcuking Toms wonder why we have block inspections.....

.....scruffy cnut needs to sort out her sh1t and get some dhobi done!
Behave, that's my wife.............. She thought it would be funny... Did warn her


Typical that the doris gets a semi decent room to scatter her admin over (if indeed it is in Iraq).

I had a fcuking camp bed under a mozzie net, inside a tent that might as well have had the heating switched on for all the use the aircon was.

She could have at least popped em out for the lads though, frigid bint

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