Anyone know where you can get those old steel lockers from?

Since leaving the Army and joining the TA, I've found storage space for all the kit I acquired over the years a bit of a drama. Those old steel double-doored lockers, you know the ones you see in transit accomodation, Westdown Camp, every other random camp you ever seemed to stop in, would be just the ticket. Fit in my outhouse and stop the mrs moaning about my belt kit and daysack cluttering up the house.

Anyone know any old barracks / camps etc flogging off this sort of thing? Or failing that, a decent civvy equivalent?
Thanks.... But I was thinking more like some shitty old locker that wouldn't look out of place in some bone camp like Knook at a cheap price - not the latest, all-singing, all-dancing bulletproof version.
Depends where you are ? but try these guys they are getting bigger all the time, just got the contract for all the u.s. military disposals worldwide.

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