Anyone know where I can find a para silk hammock?

Answers either in here please, or to my email address, which you can do through my profile.

I know they come in different sizes, but I'm in need so will consider any.

HM Supplies (Aldershot, Catterick) for bog-standard cheap job (better than the issued one ?), they were used to the blokes taking in HD canopies and having kit made (shell-suits and hammocks) that they are knocking out their own now.

Or try for his own design, which is expensive but he's had the confidence to put his reputation on it.

You can also get the one with the 'snakeskin' cover/treehugger straps and the sewn-in mosi-net from Silvermans (and a few other places, can't remember off the top of my head) for around £100, it's probably one of the few items Silvermans do not overcharge for and it's probably your best bet. Tactically it's a mare to get out of in a hurry (entry/exit through a velcro sealed 'fanny'), but if you're tactical you're hard routine and not using hammocks anyway.
Get yourself some of this

Then find your nearest chandlers or heavy duty machinest (try point zero at the RBL buisness park at Tidworth)

Draw what you want turn and pin the fabric, chalk where you want it sewing, keep it simple.

Suggest a double turnover of 2 inches at head and foot which creates a tunnel to thread your cord through.

Ensure heavy duty thread is used and corners are bartacked/zig zagged

Add two lengths of 1100lb cord + 2 halfs of a squash ball/knots to stop water running down hamoc.

Simple hamock for less than £20 :wink:
Mr Webster I applaud your improvisation skills, there is a lucrative second career awaiting your good self as the Technical Advisor for I'm A Nobody Get Me Out Of Here :D :wink:

The place I couldn't remember was thebunkerdirect and it's called a Hennessey hammock for those who want the Roll-Royce and can't be arrsed to get it on with a few feet of parasilk and the rest of it :wink:
On the same note - how much weight can one of these hold. I have never used a hammock before, am quite interested in getting one, and I am quite big (19 stone) and wouldn't want to end up on my arrse for my efforts.

There are two different types of the hennessey hammock, one is supposedly for heavier users but is also slightly larger sized. I'm 16 stone and have no prob's with either, the 'home-made' one I bought from a mate (made from HD canopy in the Shot) I never felt safe in. Partially melting the paracord holding it up by rubbing DEET into it probably didn't help ?!

I think the Ray Mears one will be OK as well.
Harry_Webster said:
I think you may want to try these folks

They cater for larger loads
Harry - Very funny mate. I have done a little bit of jumping (albeit on a MSP!!) :D . The other problem I have is that I am 6'4" - would I fit in lengthways?
Does anyone do a good solid hammock with a BUG NET built in?
Im 6ft 2 and have no problems, but mines is made to meausure by pink fairies rigging when they were in the shot, still going strong 12 years later ,although I have replaced the cord a few times, If your off to the jungle take a bivvy bag as you can get just as wet from the up splash when its pissin down, also worth having a short back roll mat to make the hammoc a bit more comfy and for hard routine or if your river x ing as well a therma rest is handy.
Also place mat inside bivi bag or doss bag to stop it moving

Gook - the hennessey one has a sewn-in net

... fook me I sound like I'm selling the bleeding things innit :roll:
Can you get one with a sewn-on bug net or do you have to rig a net separately?

I fcuking hate mozzies!
Goose_Rider said:
Also place mat inside bivi bag or doss bag to stop it moving

I do that anyway mate but thanks for the advice :D Some people might not have worked it out yet. It took me a while.
KnifeFightingMonkey said:
I am quite big (19 stone)
Congratulations! Understatement of the year.
Top dollar. Thanks for all the good tips guys. I've looked at all the posts. What I'm in need of is the British Army version (of which I know there are three types - the so called 'single', 'double', and 'cocoon'.

There is only one, yes, ONE place on the web that seems to be able to get hold of these things and sells them through advertisement, but I have also emailed HM Supplies, so we'll see what they have to say on Monday, I hope. A friend of mine got his from there and has advised me to do similarly. They do not advertise hammocks, but are apparently one of the leading manufacturers for the Army. Naturally, I have asked their advise.

However, if any of you have any particularly philanthropic, benevalent, or just 'in the know' type friends, please do not hesitate to ask if they know the whereabouts of one that might be needing getting rid of cos I'd snap it up (on ex soon, so please help if you can).
Gook said:
Can you get one with a sewn-on bug net or do you have to rig a net separately?

I fcuking hate mozzies!
Ah mossie nets.... they are good at keepin bugs out and also for keepin them in. The issue ones are a nightmare and will be full of rips etc what you can do is eat plenty of raw garlic, avoid washing and smellies (Bty buzzer or wet shave with water if required, jwic)

mosi nets are fine if your non tac static but are a pain, I wore a midge headnet tucked in to a done up shirt,dry kit ,trainers, pop socks on hands (INCOMING.........) and plenty of repellent, wasnt bit once more problems with leeches and prickly heat.

Saying that it depends where your going there are some foul infested places in B & B that are used many times over by troops and have all manner of lurgi present.

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