Anyone know where can get hold off windproof smock

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by Was_Occurin72, Nov 18, 2009.

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  1. Hey all,

    My old windproof smock has finally been put into retirement due to having way too many repairs. Just wondering if anyone knows where I can pick another one up from. Been trawling the internet and all I come across are webtex type ones and crap ones.

    Any pointers will be much appreciated

  2. Not looked very hard then! Try googling Drop Zone Supplies for the SAS/Arctic Windproof types or just use one of the new issued with a hood jobbies we get now. They're pretty windproof and have more pockets, I don't bother with an Arctic Windproof anymore since these got issued.
  3. Got the new issue ones, much prefere the old ones due to them being lighter in material especially when wet and I find they dry a heck of alot quicker as well. Plus they pack smaller perfect for hotter days when I use shirt during the day and throw the smock on at night. Will give them a check cheers mate
  4. Nay dramas, my last one from them cost £90! It was the brand new 2000 issue though.

    If you want a cheap looks like its been dragged through the Falklands smock then E-bay would probably be your best bet.
  5. Try ebay, I got a new-ish one for around £20 recently.
  6. Nagh wanting to get a new one really or at least a new ish one want it to last the 10 years my old one lasted for. What the difference with the new 2000 issue ones? just different buttons and is the material the same?

  7. 2000 ones are the same, only they hold their colour for a hell of alot longer and they have a rank slide on the back aswell for some odd reason. Same lightweight material, same cack buttons (I had the issue canadian ones put on mine instead!) and same pockets.

  8. like the above said, get on eBay, I paid £20 for mine.

    I travel to the TAC by public transport and the thin material means it folds no problem into a reasonable size civvy daysack. The issue windproof takes the whole daysack to itself... and just does not fold anyway!
  9. eBay! i got mine brand new, still in the bag, for £7, £5 of that was postage!
  10. Maroon lid with winged dagger to go with it,has reached £310 on e-bay so far.Must be rare...