anyone know what type of Smock/ DPM camo variation this is?

Discussion in 'Military Clothing & Boots' started by Holliblez, Sep 2, 2013.

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  1. Hey guys, sorry if this is the wrong forum.

    My cadet squadron were doing a sale of fairly old combats and I came across this odd looking heavy weight smock, I bought it for the winter months when it would be cold.

    anyway I've been out of cadets for some time now, trying to get fit to go into the Army after college, and I forgot I had this until yesterday.

    I'm just trying to figure out how old it is, i'm not sure if it's 1985 or 1990 pattern

    IMGP9340.jpg IMGP9337.jpg

    what do you guys think?
  2. Does it have a half lining?
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  3. 85 pattern. Big balloon pockets and single seams. Fell to bits. Total shite.

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  4. I'm surprised as it's been exposed to oxygen that it hasn't just biodegraded into dust. possibly the worst pattern of combat kit ever issued. The skin tight trousers with pockets wider than the legs were of particular comedy value. Dont worry about throwing it away, just leave it in the sun and it will be gone by tomorrow night.
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  5. I believe so, it's a thick, white coloured half lining. with some sort pocket at the bottom.

    @mr common sense, I know what you mean about the pockets, not so much had the falling apart issue though.

    is it really that bad? i've had this for a fair while with a lot of use, not much issue.

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  6. The 'some sort of pocket at the bottom' thing is so you can wear it like a nappy. If you undo the two buttons, pass the flap through your legs ( from back to front ) and fasten the flap to the corresponding two buttons at the inner front, you will see the combat nappy effect. It's awesome.

    If the two buttons at the front inner are missing it means some pikey in the past has cut them off to use when they lost a button. ******* chippies.
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  7. Thanks for the information Jacob!
  8. IIRC that pattern of smock didnt have the 'tail' and only the Para smock has since the double lined, flat pocketed combats of the early eighties.

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  9. Cold_Collation

    Cold_Collation LE Book Reviewer

    Wasn't that the much better 68 pattern? I couldn't believe it when I was issued the 85. I always assumed that was a crude form of poacher's pocket. Never bloody used it, mind.
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  10. A lot used to cut that back poachers pocket waste of time thing out because, it was errr, a waste of time. That kit used to develop holes that were like battery acid splashes even if it had never been anywhere near battery acid.
    The trousers were so tight that even if you wanted to put on the daft "ho chi min" chinese fighting suit on then there was no way you would ever have got them on. Did anybody actually wear the trousers?
  11. No wah, but when I was a cadet in 1986, we had a limited issue of these smocks for the senior cadets (the rest were still getting the 2 pocket cadet smock in DPM)

    My mate had one issued from stores that had 2 left arms! And inside the packet was a sticker with 'Quality controlled and inspected' written on it!

    Right shite they were. Bin it and get yourself an old RM windproof for that classic ally look.

    Remember: Allyness saves lives
  12. It's already been shown that you're talking about a previous version but there's a correction to make:

    "If the six buttons at the front inner are missing..."

    Looks like you bought yours from some pikey who has been replacing lost buttons...

    Despite what others have said, the crotch flap was very useful. It provided a source of fabric for patching tears.

    ...but that was in the days when you'd go to the CQMS to exchange a ripped jacket and instead be handed a square of fabric and told to repair it yourself. Exchange was only permitted when patches overlapped. :sad:
  13. That poachers pocket was excellent for carrying a folded up poncho though.

    Only ever used it when being forced to frig about doing E&E silliness around Vogelsang but still it did have its uses.
  14. 1988 Pattern. I had one once, you don't see that many of them. The pockets aren't flappy, more baggy, like the windproof smock. The material was a little better than the 85 stuff.
  15. "Pockets detachable exercise for the use of"
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