anyone know what those arm patches on the paras + RM are?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by celticwarrior3551, Apr 7, 2007.

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  1. Are they Glint tape (Black to the naked eye but glow under IR illumination) or are the just reflective strips like on a florecent vest?
  2. I heard that their issued, i think its just that, IR Glint Tape, more than likely for IFF at night as you would imagine.
  3. Any pictures?
  4. right side of his helmet

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  5. It's glint tape.
  6. When you have Nod or NVGs on they glow.
  7. i thought that but then i saw this pic which made me think its just that stuff from florecent jackets, now i have glint tape and its black and doesn't reflect white light like this

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  8. There are two types,

    Visable light (silver)
    IR (black)

    the black stuff is like rocking horseshit to get hold of
  9. I must be one lucky bar-steward, i got my hands on 2 2x2inch patches of the IR Stuff
  10. share the wealth big lad!
  11. Somebody tell the Yanks.
  12. Feck off they'd just have another target to shoot at.
  13. Are there any Cadets here?
  14. Why? Have you an erection and don't wish to waste it?
  15. It was a rhetorical question. I could not believe such a conversation would take place otherwise.