Anyone know what these are?


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Two military vehicles on the site of an old scrap yard. Been there for years but have confounded many of my mates. Located off the Eastern side of the M275 heading into Portsmouth

Google Earth Locn (50.826255, -1.088041)



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In my defence I had tried Google but had no real point of reference all bar M2/M3 amphibious units like 28RE use, but that was clearly wrong. Cheers all, idle curiosity satisfied!
Are these the two Larks filled with american greyhounds floating over Portsmouth? If so they are still classsified and anyone talking about them or posting images of them will by deported to Gitmo.


Can't be arsed to trawl google maps, but are they the big amphibious ******* next to the greyhound stadium?
Greyhound stadium's been flattened now! They're trying to redevelop the area to make Pompey less shit. Could be an uphill struggle.
At only £35000 they could make a rather nice addition to my fishing tackle! No need to tow my boat, just arrive in one of those.

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