Anyone know what the IA drill is for this?

Fit a bigger stronger elastic band.
Take steps..make them big ones and call them Billy!


Quality Russian gear. I believe the IA for that is to scream like a girl and run away or hit it with a hammer. I can't remember which.
I can't help but think of Stalin...

Took off with great gusto, conked out, hit the floor and died... then everyone was to scared to go near in case of death.


Put you fingers in your ears and poke it with your sticky out leg.
Shoot it with an SLR of course. Well known to be able to take care of anything the USSR have on the books.
Call ATO out. His problem.
Missile comes back:
Unfasten belt and lower trousers and undercrackers
On inspection, you find that you have soiled yourself
Wipe, then change items of clothing
Continue to bar
Amnesty box?
Apply safety catch, raise right hand and inform range safety officer that you have a miss-fire?

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