Anyone know what is going on?

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What is going on out there?

Every day soldiers killed and injured becoming less and less of a headline on the news etc.

Is it lack of training?
Bad leadership?
I am shocked that some of these soldiers are so young.

I thought the Army, RAF, Royals had state of the art equipment that can detect threats. Is it lack of equipment? This type of kit is available to other organisations. Maybe it does not work? Maybe it is sabotaged?

There are some people on Arrse, who just answer subjects by complaining about spelling mistakes or just tell you to sling your hook. Some moderators seem to be involved in this. Perhaps they have been doing the job for too long..waiting for to speak..We know about the banks now that it is too late to react.

Sometimes the forum turns nasty and the subject goes off on a tangent so the original thread is lost and you get the same ranting from the same people.

Sometimes a subject just dissapears.

Maybe the enemy within is doing its job.

What do you think?

A slight spelling mistake or poor diction is not the theme of this forum.

Am am not a stani spy or journalist... But I could be liying..
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