Anyone know this splendidly decorated chap?

Spotted at the Armistice parade in Bedworth

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Cojones to the lot of you; I look triffic in that shot.
De-ices and first parades the outrage ARRSE bus.
Alsacien said:
Typical REME walt - no way a real REME bloke would ever qualify for an LS&GC.....
Yay I must be the first then :)
Do I spy an MC?

Some of his medals look very, very new...
vvaannmmaann said:
No it's not it's me.I earned everyone of those medals.
What? I thought you were Spartacus!

BigPapaSierra said:
He was second behind me on the balcony.
Were you the 2nd on the balcony and he was 2 behind you, which makes him the 4th on the balcony or were you the First and he was second
muzungu_marlow said:
get fcuked, it's me. I got the wings tat to prove it.
It's almost too bizzarre to be true, but I guy I went through basic with had the winged dagger tatoo on his arm (had it done whilst still in basic)...........I shit you not.
That tie.....He can't be a walt, Hes not wareing a Royal 'titshsh legion tie
Bravo_Bravo said:
Do I spy an MC?

Some of his medals look very, very new...
We've got:

" The conman wore the winged dagger of the SAS on his beret, poppy and tie-pin, as well as a veteran's badge on his lapel.

On his left breast he wore a rack of 17 medals starting with the Distinguished Service Order (DSO) and the Military Cross (MC).

On the MC, he has a bar signifying the Queen's Commendation for Valuable Service, while on the DSO there is a bar for Mentioned In Dispatches.

Neither bar is ever worn with those medals.

Next comes a foreign cross, thought to be Polish, which should only be worn after all the British medals.

Then is the Queen's Gallantry Medal, the Military Medal, the rank version of the Military Cross for privates, the Distinguished Service Medal, the Meritous Service Medal and the Campaign Service Medal.

On the row underneath he has a South Atlantic Medal for the Falklands, a Gulf Medal for the first Gulf War, and an Accumulated Service Medal - worn back to front.

Fourth in line is the Saudi Arabian Medal for the liberation of Kuwait, the Kuwaiti Liberation Medal and four more unknown foreign medals."

according to the daily hate. Who fancies coming up with a plausible story for that lot? Would be better than the witch hunt.

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