anyone know this number

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by blackcoffeemafia, Jan 22, 2013.

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  1. getting prank calls and over 100 voice mails left on my phone, no answer when i call it 07817216852

    feel free to call em, i am sick of it.
  2. Look just answer I'm desperate for phone sex.
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  3. Don't even go there about that fúcker.
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  4. That's Numberwang!
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  5. Not until you explain the nature of the calls and the reason why you're getting them.
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  6. I think it's Chris Geran's 'boot camp hotline booking confirmation' number. That's the number they rang me on to confirm my 12 session 'Marine-Style-Beast-A-Thon' last week anyway! :)
  7. It's Forastero again, he's a bastard for such tricks.
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  8. It doesn't come up on google, so it's not likely to be a company or anyone with reason to advertise their number.

    Probably the Sperm Bank trying to reach you again, remember they said to use the sample jar and not just shoot your load into the jiffy bag....
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  9. Are you sure it's not your dad desperately phoning you to get that peanut fragment out of his obstructed throat?
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  10. Why not just ring them back? :neutral:
  11. Give the number to the Snail, they'll be praying for death in no time.
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  12. It might be her not that it should stop him.
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  13. i thought you where dead or sick, i forget which but please, only 69 is worth a mention.
  14. have done, some giggly girls who just screech and laugh, not wasting anymore credit.
  15. Then she can harass herself into oblivion.