Anyone know this guy- fair play to him

Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by pommydigger, Jan 18, 2010.

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  1. LONDON — A former British army soldier on Saturday stormed into the record books by breaking the world treadmill record after seven gruelling days on the run.

    Mike Buss, 35, from Swindon, outside London, clocked up 517.25 miles (832.4 kilometres) breaking the previous record of 468 miles (753 kilometres) in his week-long attempt.

    The former army physical training instructor had been running up to three marathons a day on a treadmill in Swindon's Brunel Shopping Centre, sleeping two hours per day.

    He is raising money for a charity which helps injured British service personnel.

    "I was always looking at hitting the 500 mark so to go 17 miles further is brilliant," he said.

    "I've lost two toenails, my legs are aching and the arches of my feet are painful after hitting the treadmill for more than 20 hours a day but I feel good.

    "I'm going home to have a bath, then have beef stew for dinner and chill out," he said.
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  2. ..hardly :roll:
  3. He's on the local news once a year at least doing some mad fundraising stunt or other.

    Good luck to him I say and well done :clap:
  4. Fcuk that i get bored sh*tless after 20 minutes on a treadmill, well done to the bloke tho
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  7. the_boy_syrup

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    He's an ex PTI he knows no different it's like child labour in North Korea they think it's the norm.
    Wonder if he was surrounded by mirrors so he could check himself out while a gang of mates danced to really loud house music shouting "feel the burn" "show it whose boss"

    On the command "GO" dismount the treadmill with a feet together jump.
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  8. Fair play to the guy. Bit like Forrest Gump. But on a running machine.

    I once drove a car a couple of hundred miles.
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  9. If he truly has nicked off H4H donations, then truly the Custody Sergeant at Swindon nick holds the keys to " the outrageous Buss" !

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  10. Very good.

    You seem very bitter Wife of - its only allegations atm, this ongoing 'dislike' you have of him seems a tad ott?
  11. Why have you put 'allegedly' in quotation marks? At the moment it is alleged that he has transgressed.
    Oh well, it's nice that his arrest gives you the chance to work out your little grudges.
  12. Its the joy of internetshire anonymity you can get the short sharp kidney punches in for things that have frustrated you over the years.... Shame its not in the Naafi otherwise I'd have asked whether he'd got his fingers wet and then not returned your calls, but it isn't so I can't.......
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