Anyone know this fella Carl Dilks (Boxing)

Always good to see an ex-soldier doing well, especially in boxing.

Former soldier Dilks looking to win wars
by Martin Williams
Nov 22nd 2007

Attention! Rising super-middleweight star Carl Dilks plans to move through the ranks with a victory over Brian Wood at Liverpool's Olympia Theatre next Friday (November 30).

'Dynamite' Dilks has amassed an impressive 4-0 record since leaving the Army and turning pro in May - including the four-round demolition of Carl Nicholson in Wigan last time out.

He has his sights firmly set on Wood (1-1), but is already looking forward to battling for titles in the near future.

"I'm pleased with how my career is going since signing with Steve Wood, I'm getting some good fights," says the Liverpudlian, trained by Carl Ince at Bolton's Elite gym.

"I was at Collyhurst but was left to my own devices, they just used me for sparring really. Then Carl got hold of me and I joined him in the gym. I haven't looked back and am enjoying being a pro."

Six years in the Army - where Carl ran up a 20-8 amateur record, prepared him for the turn.

He has the style and power to go far, but admits having to fight two-minute rounds have hampered his progress.

"My last fight was four three-minute rounds and gave me a chance to get into my stride," said Carl, dad to four-month-old Ebony.

"By the time you get into it the bell goes, so against Nicholson I felt much better. That extra minute means a lot, and that's why the finish came in the fourth."

From the age of 13, Carl spent most of his time in the gym, to the delight of his dad and discomfort of his worried mum.

The 'Dynamite' nickname stems from his childhood pals, who can't possibly have known their mate would go on to possess such power in both fists.

"It's a handy name, I've had it for many years," says the 24-year-old. "I guess it's even handier now I'm boxing.

"This is what I love. I boxed for the Army at Aldershot and would do my normal everyday duties at Catterick.

"I enjoyed it but the time came to turn professional and I've grabbed it with both hands.

"I've had four fights since May and it's been a real learning curve. I'm confident that I have the ability to rise to British and Commonwealth titles in the next few years. I also think I can be world champion, I think I'm better than British level. That's the dream and we'll see what happens."

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