Anyone know this bell end?


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What has been seen cannot be unseen :(
Hi! New here but this was to funny not to add to! Just tapped the name into Google... guess who uploads a combination of inane, creepy and stalker type photos! (And he isn't too hot on the maths either.)

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Oh dear. March him away. Better be careful, looking at the number of tents they have a bigger army than us, that's a lot of re enactors with red legs and White feet. A reverse squad die tan?

Another bril find TBU
#31 long as he ain't a Scaly Back..... don't want to make the Corps a laughing stock.....
Peterborough, Ontario Canada to be correct. The term security settings obviously passed him over.

Spot on:

Ryan Clark
@LncCplClark1812 Peterborough, ON, Canada
Reenactor, Lover of Life, Lover of Coronation Street! I was born in the wrong century. Just ask anyone who knows me.


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He's gone for a pretty unique sort of Mullet chop/Trilby hat/cock out, ensemble.

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