Anyone know these lunatics?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by TA_sig, May 19, 2006.

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  1. I was looking at some filthy student's union website when I found (didn't come accross) photo's from their athletics union tour around the country and I think also Spain. Imagine my amusement to find one of the students had decided to wear combats, goretex jacket and an american dog-tag. Not only that but four of them also decided to 'cam up' and do some karaoke in trainers, sqn t-shirts and CS95 trousers.

    Now we all admit that some walt types do make it in through the doors, but they are often filtered out. There is also a tendancy to just wear the uniform as a fasion item - e.g. the lad with a field jacket, who when questioned said he was in the Army, til I pointed out the dutch (!!) flag on it and he was like 'nah only joking', NBC jackets are seen around town too. The sqn t-shirts make me think these guys are actually serving. There're also photo's of a 'Go Commando' event, where people either 'go commando' or 'go as a commando' mit photo evidence, far too much issue kit is spotted on those one's to, and girl's arrses.

    They're either TT Regiment, RMP, Medics (doubt that one), or Loggies. Can anyone ID the logo on the t-shirts?

  2. Post the link to the website. I have an overwhelming urge to distibute vitriol.
  3. Unfortunately there is no way I can get you access to this part of the website as it's restricted to students past (being me), present and members of staff. The photo's are in the gallery.
  4. Long haired on the left is a LIFEGUARD, they wear similiar in JHQ Rheindahlen?
  5. the lifeguard t-shirts are standard from the Royal Life Saving Society....i have a couple myself.

    could be OTC...there are certain units that seem to have a thing for wearing C95 at every up a mountain skiing in austria

    the_crimp_off------calm yourself down its only a photo
  6. Which Uni? that would certainly tell us if they have an OTC, and if so there may be someone on here who is very quickly able to ID them.
  7. Definately not OTC, well the nearest one is about 40miles away and they don't recruit around there from what I've noticed. TT Reg, Loggies, Medics or RMP, my money is on the infantry.
  8. I am calmer than the proverbial cucumber who has just od'd on valium. Please don't mistake me for a hysterical civilian. The fact that I enjoy issuing insults to students should be of no concern to you, unless you are one of the aforementioned sponging, smelly, drug taking cnuts.
  9. I don't kno, you do get the odd 'GI Joe' dress up party round here. Although these look as if they've made more effort than most. I'm assuming if they're at uni, they'll be TA?

    Why not reveal the uni, I'm sure someone on here knows the local unit. Besides, isn't it against QR's to dress up like this?
  10. definately up north somewhere they're drinking small bottles of yank piss lager!! Southern infanteers don't do karaoke (much)!
  11. From TA Sigs info its could be from either of the Ex Green Howards coys (ex Tyne Tees regt)
  12. Hysterical...yes. civilian..dont know dont care.

    Yes I am a student, sponging no ive worked my balls off to get through uni
    Smelly...probably after a exercise
    Drug taking....I'll assume beer, jack and jamesons count apart from that never tried and dont plan to...

    Now stop being a fcuking twat and trying to sterotype people.....bit like the sun tries to do to the average british soldier every other day. Think you need another couple of valium.
  13. The guy on the right in the karaoke looks like he's either wearing an LI or RGJ stable belt. There's an LI badged TA company in West Yorkshire, part of the East and West Riding Regiment, which will be rebadging to the Yorkshire Regiment in June.
  14. Defo AINT TT Regt