Anyone know the whereabouts of Jim (chalky) White

Discussion in 'REME' started by flieslikeabeagle, Apr 22, 2009.

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  1. :D I have been scanning this site recently trying to find out if Chalky White who was a sgt at Royal Hussars LAD from about 1983 till 1986 is still about. he was also with Kuwait liason team and i I took over from him in Berlin in 1978
    ( Yes he is mates with Dusty Miller and all the others that Terry fckuwit is going to post here , but I would like to find out where he is these days)
  2. where's twosugars when you need him? :)
  3. Was he an Inst Tech, cos if he was I believe he went on to serve as a photographer at one of the HQs. That one was my sergeany at 17/21L LAD in 1974.
  4. If he was an Inst Tech then just wipe your arse on a window and he will suddenly appear, with a monk on, as if by magic!
  5. No mate not a bino wiper just an abosute animal of an A mech :lol: . once met never forgotten
  6. While real names are being used and abused. anyone know of "John "Donkey dick" Netherwood" an armourer, scouse lad, mad as a bat based in Munster then the Shot, 90's, or "Rick "Bish" Bishop" VM based in Dortmund, then gutersloh, again in the 90's?
  7. John passed to the dark side and was last seen (by me) wielding a light sabre around Hameln. Probably moved on by now - that was in 2004
  8. Gren,
    Try HQ DEME(A), Arborfield. Good luck
  9. Gren,

    What do you call a fly with no wings?

    A Walk (Tee Hee).

    Listen to the Colonel.
  10. Chalky was my Fitter Section Sgt at the same time that you was at RH LAD. He was a top Geezer. I've always wondered what happened to him.
  11. John, what have I told you about starting your own nicknames?