Anyone know the unit?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by joobs, Jun 14, 2005.

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  1. There not exactly top totty are they.

    They are absolutly minging and the Winchester 12 gauge should be brought out and used as a charitable act.
  2. Should suit the arsse old mingers club a treat, pity niether was over sixty or a corpes or we'd have the masticators on the board creaming themselves. Again
  3. I've just tried to have a wan.k over them and succeded! I now feel dirty. They remind me of some of the mingers I bagged in Amesbury. *shudder*
  4. And you admitted it!

    Brave, brave man!
  5. It looks like Castlemartin Range to me.
  6. Definately Castlemartin Camp. As a local lad Ill email it to my m8s back there and see if they know them

  7. Does that make them Welsh Slappers?
  8. Wan.k is a wan.k.

    Our office is having a heated debate at the moment whether or not you could splash some manfat over a mingers top lip, who happens to work in the office below us. The average so far is yes as long as she showed some pink.

    All men are wan.kers at heart! Some of us just have low requirements :twisted:
  9. Mummy ?.... 8O
  10. Yep Castlemartin, thats the gate guardian ( the tank not the slapper )

    Interesting site though 8O
  11. Yup, that's Castlmartin alright. Right in front of the main gate - you know the one - next to the guardroom where the MGS are, the one with the sign that tells you that photography is forbidden. MGS? probably having a nice cup of tea.
  12. If you look on that site there is a disclaimer stating all models are over the age of 18

    Yes, well fucking over the age by the looks of most of them
  13. OMG that was fcuking horrible! I'd rather do the Tank!
  14. That's about the standard for that area. They get more grotesque the nearer you get to Haverfordwest. :D