Anyone know the nearest Mess to Fairoaks Airield?


very grateful if someone could point me in the direction of the officers' mess that's closest to Fairoaks Airfield nr Chobham (google maps: Threshold Way @51.350050, -0.563460 )

I need to go there for a rather expensive resettlement course and a suitably appointed and located mess would go a long way to helping me part with the cash.

All help gratefully received.
Deepcut is a ten minute drive. After that anything in Aldershot.
Longcross Bks are empty, however the test track and workshops are still at Chobham maybe OinetiQ still have a mess use by contractors and MoD staff? The old Officers mess was a listed building so would not have been demolished.


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Gibraltar Barracks, Blackwater, Camberley. Home of 3RMSE Regt. Just off Junct 4A of the M3, 20mins from the airport.

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