Anyone know the Fixed Forces Rate for currency conversion?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by RAF_Nurse!, Feb 25, 2007.

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  1. Imagine:
    You find yourself posted to Cyprus.

    When you get out there, they convert your pay & LOA (you decide the amount, etc) to Cyp pounds via the so-called 'Fixed Forces Rate'. It used to be 0.86 when i was there last....anyone know what it is know, by any chance? For that matter, does it indeed change at all?

    Many thanks
  2. Still is 0.86.
  3. This is not a post for Arsse. This is YOU, being too dumb and bone fcuking idle to go and speak to your Admin Office. The FFR is published monthly and signalled to units all over the world.

    Get off your arse and go speak to the adminers, thats what they are paid for.
  4. Oh Yes it fcking well is!!
  5. Thanks a lot, but when i want your opinion...i'll give it to you. (besides...what would you know with a massive 2 posts to your name??)
  6. Gooo on RAF_ Nurse you tell the cnut. ARRSE is exactly for stuff like this, ARRSE is where we "conveniently" get a lot of good info.