Anyone know Texas?

Discussion in 'Travel' started by Fat_Walt, Mar 23, 2011.

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  1. My GF and I are marrying next year and have more or less decided (funds permitting) to honeymoon in Texas. We'll be going in July.

    From a personal recommendation and a little bit of research the Texas Hill Country looks a likely destination. I was hoping that any Texan members or anyone who knows Texas, could recommend any "must-sees/dos", or indeed any other areas we should perhaps consider.

    Mark & Emily
  2. Try posting this in the US Forum as well.
  3. My advice is dont murder anyone.. youll fry.
  4. Good idea. I didn't know there was one. :) I'll go look for it. Thanks.
  5. BuggerAll

    BuggerAll LE Reviewer Book Reviewer

    Holidayed in Texas a couple of years ago. Fort Worth Stockyard area is worth a visit and you should definitly go to the Rodeo and to Billy Bobs, the largest Honky Tonk in the world.

    There is an interesting WW2 museum: The National Pacific War Museum in Fredricksburg. The Alamo in San Antonio is worth a look as is the the River Walk you might even have a beer Mad Dogs and admire the tartan mini skirts of the waitress service. Don't stay too long because there are plenty of other local drinking establishments and you don't go to Texas to drink in a Hong Kong-British style pub.

    Moving on you might also visit weird Austin - I was there in 2008 in the run up to the Election. There were Obama posters up in Austin. Anywhere else in Texas that would have got you lynched.
  6. IMO the best thing in Texas is the departure lounge.
  7. Thankyou. Some very useful info there. :)
  8. AAGF


    They won't let me back into Texas - I keep forgetting the Alamo ...
  9. Great place Texas, just a bit vast for a couple of weeks.

    If going to San Antone and have a car there (or maybe/probably there are set piece bus tours), suggest making the 100 mile run to Brackettville where they rebuilt the Alamo Mission to make the John Wayne film! For one thing you won’t have walk softly and take your hat off and bow your head in front of some alleged spot where the promoters decided Crockett pegged it as you do in what's left of the original one.
    Film locations for The Alamo (1960)

    “Excuse me sir – yes you sir, No.9. Would you take your hat off please.”
    “Because this is the shine where Davy Crockett died.”
    “No it’s not. Nobody knows where he died, check the history. Anyway, it’s hardly a ‘shrine’, he hasn’t been canonised has he?”
    “Sir, would you please leave.”

    If in Houston you can go to San Jacinto Park and see where the Texans massacred the Mexicans :wink:
    I don’t know how the rodeo season runs, but if you can, take in a rodeo. As I remember it being explained, they run fairly constantly and riders travel around looking to pick up points for professional standing. There used to be a good evening thrash at Simonton, @ 40 miles west of Houston. As well as the riding there was a top good ‘ole boy dancehall band and typical Texas chewing steaks. – A retired butcher living in Houston told me Texas beef is low grade, as in US Good for hamburgers. US Prime comes from the cows up north. :wink:
    Simonton Texas Profile and Resource Guide, City or community of Simonton, Texas Facts, Information, Relocation, Real Estate, Advertising

    If you like planes, perhaps take a flight down to Harlingen. Driving is a good 6 hours, though if you are on a driving tour, you can stop off at Corpus Christi and some of the best beaches on that coast. Harlingen is the HQ of what was the Confederate Air Force, now the Yankee friendly Commemorative Air Force. You’ll need to check if anything’s flying, but generally the planes are always on view.
    If you do go, remember to take your hat off when entering the mess – else it will cost you. :omg:


    ps. forget the Mexican border towns
  10. Yeah, they are a completely crap group!!!!
  11. I was told by a Texan,the thing that sums Texas up is................Its a Texan that holds the world record for eating live goldfish.
    Its big and ridiculous
  12. Mmm have to agree. The Spiteri woman went mad at Hyde Park Calling just because some of us (ok, everyone) decided to watch the Portugal match (World Cup '06) for a bit of light relief, so all she saw when she came on stage was an entire park full of people with their backs to her. Then someone chucked a shoe at her because she was whining in that particularly annoying scottish way, and then she went completely ballistic. Quite fit in her day though.