Anyone know of new units

Hi all, i left the Corps in Sept after 12yrs and im re-joining , been accepted and ill be back in, in July some time, spoke to the careers office to chase things up as ive got to give 4 wks notice in my current job . Apparently the girl on the desk up in glasgow, is trying to get in touch with my unit who are a new unit. just wondering if anyone has any ideas on who and where it could be? as im getting no clarification.
The missus is holding off jobs as they could be in a totally different area and doesnt want to accept any offers if im posted miles away from here in Catterick.
The Unit could be newly formed within the last couple of months as a couple of friends have suggested. Any info would be much appreciated.
It could be a newly formed unit, a re-named unit, a unit moved to a different location or a combination.

Any idea of rough location, type of unit, cap badge of unit?

What trade are you?
Havn't got any idea the Sgt in the careers office said the girl on the desk up in Glasgow was trying to get hold of them but couldnt for some reason.

Im a Corporal Class 1 VMA
got a couple of spec quals ECS, AS90 etc but i know that doesnt make any difference at all. Spent time at 3 different RA units, Armd Inf and 2Bn, im praying i dont get another RA unit, was hoping for Tanks or some new role unit but i know i have no say in the matter as im a re-joiner.

Im thinking that it could be a unit that have moved too.
1CS Bn have moved into Catterick and i know some of them are in Canada at the moment, as have a few other units.
but the 'new unit' idea is in my head which intrigues me, but i know ill be probably a unit that have moved rather than be newly formed.

Hopefully ill know sooner rather than later,maybe even next week
Wishful thinking!

Thanks anyway for those who post replys!
ive got the feeling after speaking to a few ppl that i may getting 104 FS Bn REME.Is anyone there and if so whats the set up. i know its 3 TA, 2 REG Coys. Has it got FRTs like Reg Bns with Warrior 512? ? i know it has packs/opr coy. and will it work???
FS bns have a "Field Company" usually in support of a logistics brigade, so i wouldn't think there'd be much chance of getting out in a Warrior. As an A mech i expect you'll probably be in 55 OPR coy which has 2 packs platoons, i think (someone please correct me if i'm wrong) they are both in Tidworth
Got my posting

Its 55 OPR
Packs platoon i think.

Is there anyone there?

I was in 7 CS Coy at 2Bn a few years ago, so im guessing this would be like a General Support Company with the Packs Pl and Electronic Repair Pls.

Any info is much appreciated

TTA Again!!!

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