Anyone know of a good place/source to obtain a glengarry . . . ?

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by theylie, Mar 31, 2011.

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  1. .. in particular for KOSB & A&SH. Old school & not RRS!
  2. You a collector???
  3. Why? Are collectors Glangarrys different?
  4. No mate, I did laugh at your question though, however some glengarry's get modified (the hessian inside gets removed for comfort as it stiffens)

    I own a couple from the scots div myself however there's a lot of rubbish out there...
  5. Naw, just helping out a mate, whos wifes idea of a tidying up involved throwing out old kit!!
  6. Cheers for the link - shame a bottle of brandy/whisky for the RQMS no longer works!!
  7. To be fair, I was trying to prove that within 20 seconds on Google, you can find what you need.
  8. So did the link not answer my question then?! Is that not the point of a forum? Ask a question - get an answer/link! Cheers!
  9. Actually that link displayed a KOSB badge on an Argyll's glengarry.......I'd stay away from that dealer you'll get rubber-dicked. Why not call KOSB HHQ at Berwick and the A&SH HHQ at Stirling they both sell regimental cap badges and glengarries - at least you'd receive the correct type!