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Anyone know my hubby?

Im married to Mick Dannatt and wondered if there are any lads out there from Germany and UK who remember him and wanna arrange a reunion.There are a few guys in particular from 27 Regt back 5yrs ago plus and from Hohne,Tidworth etc so if anyone recognises hubbys name and wants to get in touch let moi know please!! Ta very much like! :D
angel2302 said:
Im married to Mick Dannatt
Blimey so am I, b*stard went out for some tea bags 2 years ago haven't seen him since, tell him he's been a very naughty boy and he's to come home straight away.......
Always gets a laugh in the mess when he tells the old "me and two squaddies in a trannie van" story..........ooops typo......should have read "me and two trannies in a squaddies van"
Do you think she realised this was not the best approach? If you ever look in again Mrs Mick, it was only ever one fat bird and she was female. Well post op that is.

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