Anyone know if theres a ROCO survivors club?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by bored, Feb 4, 2010.

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  1. Does anyone know if there's a place for ROCO survivors to swap stories about wounds that still remian remarkably fresh?!
  2. What's ROCO?
  3. If you have to ask, you'll never know...

    Never did it myself but I can exchange nightmare stories about RAC 'O' Type. That help?
  4. No idea, although I was wondering who the senior RowCo graduate would be...
  5. He's an Italian porn star, as you know perfectly well! :D
  6. There is a RoCo group on facebook with some good dits on it.

    Oh the pain. Still probably one of the most satisfying experiences of my life and am adamant that if the whole CC went through RoCo as the first term there would be a big drop out rate.
  7. Victorian_Major you were lucky I did both in the late 70's and still have nightmares.
  8. I passed RCB and therefore have no idea about RoCo
  9. What possible nightmares could you have about RAC O Type? I did Brigade Squad, now that was an education in pain.
  10. Let the dick measurement begin...

    I think they were all pretty savage in retrospect TBH. Certainly we did stuff and were subjected to things that when I ran a junior cadre seven years later were unthinkable. The levels of extreme beasting, bullshit and mental pain still make me judder when I think of Cambrai Barracks.
  11. Rather chuffed I passed RCB and so missed the oppertunity (my fall back)to badge as a Jock Guard with Brigade Squad, I have friends who still cry in corners after what they went through! ROWCO however was strange and I will never forget the live packed lunches they were given which all bar 1 came back from Oakhampton very much alive and well!
  12. A certain 1990s RMAS commandants son also passed RCB...but 'daddy' told him that RowCo would give him the best possible start to his career so off he went...reluctantly!
  13. First OC of ROWCO was a Sapper friend of mine.He seems to have set the tone!
  14. Didn't have to do RoCo myself but I'm sure you're right about the drop-out rate. IIRC though, RoCo was intended to be for people who needed toughening up a bit (I don't mean that as a dig, and apologies if it comes accross as rude). Given that not all people fit that requirement on starting the CC, it would be a waste of potential talent if people with excellent leadership ability were beasted out of RMAS at the very start.

    Don't get me wrong - beastings done properly are, in my view, an essential part of training. But beasting everyone right from the word go probably aint for the best. (In my heart of hearts I don't really agree with what I have just written - I'd love to see some heavy duty beasting :) )
  15. Yep I am a survivor of ROCO. But I cant tell you about it because if I did I would have to kill you and cut your head off and keep it in my fridge until your memory of what I told you decayed.