anyone know if short tours are available to afghanistan?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by MUTTSNUTTS, Sep 21, 2006.

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  1. i am just asking as i could be called away sometime in the near future and wanted to know if this was an option as i have work opportunity comming up shortly but dont want to be left behind as all my mates are going.

    any constructive comments welcome
  2. Depends on units!! We will also be going shortly and we will be doing 3 month tours!

    When I was on Telic some of the guys had shortened tours due to jobs etc!
  3. thats sounds like good news do you know how i should approach this then?
  4. The_Duke

    The_Duke LE Moderator

    It depends what you are doing. If it is a fixed tour in a specific role (IE force protection Coy), then unlikely unless a similar short tour replacement can be arranged to replace you.

    If it is as an IR to a regular unit it may be possible. You should also consider the implications of pre tour training etc. It is not a "pick and mix" option of deploying when it best suits you. If it doesn't suit now, you may be better off waiting until it does, and then commit fully.
  5. how did you unit managed to get shorter tours pm if you dont want to shre on here as i take it i will have to contach my oc or rtmc
  6. thanks for the advice i didnt want to mess anyone around was trying to find a mid ground guess i will have to ask what the situation would be
  7. Not neccessarily unit getting short tour could just be have manpower to split 6 monther between two, filling in gap due to other commitments or if unit constantly deployed in a vain effort to remind wives/girlfriends etc what Tommy Atkins looks like now.
  8. So i take it your in favour of short tours then big red1 i did a longer tour to the other sandy place before and it was extended so felt like a short tour would be benefical this time any thoughts???
  9. A lot depends on job you would be doing and how much local knowledge you'd need to do it. As we are currently only stretched (not overstreted!!) it would be nice for deployed troops to see home more often and sure TA could fit in short tour easier than 6 months off work. What do you think?
  10. as for the job it is anyones guess as yet as it is in th adhock stage that the TA does so well but do you reckon theres a justification then to pursue this further with the head shed?
  11. yes there is six months.
  12. Trouble is a six month tour actually requires nine months off work (2 month beat up followed by one month POTL); some have stretched to 11 months.
  13. this one is looking like it could possibly stretch as well this is my problem as i have already done an op tour the went over its 6months and if does the same i feel it is taking a little bit of the micky out my employeer who is after all holding my job open for me to return asap feel it would be a little bit more of a kind gesture to make it a short tour this time.
  14. I can't remember which thread this was discussed in as there have been several , but wasn't one suggestion , phone MCM Div and tell them what you had available and when , and they'd find a slot for you?

    Though it is by no means guaranteed you'll get the unit or even the theatre you want.

    I think that was the gist as I remember it.
  15. thanks all advice welcome what do you reckon if your parent unit is putting forward a compo coy to deploy to a given theatre do you reckon you could try with them to go but on a reduced service i have heard of units doing this and sending home soldiers after a short period in order to either fill courses etc