Anyone know if 59 cdo engineers are becoming a regiment?

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by amiano, Nov 19, 2007.

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  1. Whats serving with 59 engineers like?
  2. 59 CDO Sqn RE,is to become part of 24 CDO Engr Regiment,centred upon 59's present home at Barnstaple.Getting enough guys into the expanded organisation,which will include 131 CDO Engr Sqn(TA) in the orbat will be a challenge,as the Corps is also to field a Parachute Engineer Regiment too.You will be welcomed with open arms.Trade to follow? Probably one associated with construction plant? 59 has an excellent record.
  3. chimera

    chimera LE Moderator

    Good advice above. 24 Regt is forming up now.

    To add to that having had experience of people transferring into the Corps is to get started on it as soon as you can. As a VM you will have a good range of trades to go for, but discuss them with the Corps recruiting people before you choose.

    I am sure that you have done your homework, but there are a couple of links in the Corps Careers info thread in the sticky section that will be of use to you. This one in particular:

    Let us know how you get on.

  4. Are you Walting Amiano?? I have seen your post on the REME forum, and it does not sound like you are attached to anything remotely commando’ish. I may be wrong; however the attitude coming from that post would not fit in well with the RE in general, never mind 59.
  5. What is "Military Engineer C3 Systems"?

    Or do they mean a Squeek?
  6. C3 Systems - a scaley back
    Squeak - Knocker
  7. I thought a Scaly Back was R Sigs?

    Thank god I got out way back when, it is all too confusing!

    Military Engineer C3 Systems, did it mean more pay?
  8. No more pay when it we changed from Combat Sig to C3 Systems although I got the bonus of having relinquished my trade before it became C3 Sys finding out that due to lack of numbers I was still going to be a signaller on paper despite having not been employed in the trade for 13 years.
  9. Combat Sigs, that came in after B3 / B2 / B1 Sig RE.
    I was called amoungst others a B2 Siggy!
    Bloody lousy job, Tea Boy for the CO!
  10. Yes 59 are becoming part of a new regiment. It would seem that RM have realised the value of a sapper (surprise what with all the war etc).
    This will comprise of 59, 56, 54 and 131(V) squadrons (I think).
    They are already recruiting and have a fair number of Ghurkas already in place. VERY good prospects for Commando trained engineers and for those who fancy the challenge. Great for the Corps to have such a presence in 3 Cdo, too.SQQUUAADDRROONN etc etc.
  11. think you'll find we've been rebranded yet again now to CIS, Communications Information Systems - Even gayer!!!!!!
  12. Don't be harsh, 59 have always been welcome in the Corps. I was at Seaton with alot of them, good blokes to a man. friend of mine fell of one of the blocks many, many moons ago.
  13. Blobby, was that J**k or K*****r? I lived in the same room as the first and the second was my Best Man. Sad as f*k. Block 13 was a crazy place to live between 85-89.