Anyone know how Phase 1 Training differs for 4 Para to other Infantry regiments?

More physical training and shorter run qualification times.


4 Para conducts its own Ph1 training in accordance with the training requirements set by the Initial Training Group, as opposed to the rest of the TA Inf who have their Ph 1 training conducted centrally at Regional Training Centres. These are the same training standards as for the rest of the TA Infantry apart from the physical aspects - it is the need to programme in additional PT in preparation for P Coy that drives the approval to conduct their own training. This also requires some skill lessons to be conducted on training nights at the TAC rather than weekends to make up for lesson times lost to phys.

Same skills, different programme, more beastings, run by dedicated unit training teams rather than RTCs. Expect to be doing 3 sessions of phys per weekend, with lots of progressive training towards tabbing 10 miles in 1 hr 45 before the end of your 9 weekends.

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