anyone know girls...

Discussion in 'Sappers' started by yorkie22, Dec 29, 2010.

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  1. Any decent girls at gib? I go there in January. I miss girls
  2. When I was a young lad, me and and brummie burton picked up a tart, and went to one those hotel rooms that are rented by the hour.
    Fortunately, for me, I was able to strip off in no time whatsoever,help the unfortunate tart strip off, she then jumped on top and started making enthusiastic noises. It was about 1 minute into it that Brummie stuck his head over her shoulder, as she gave a little sqeal, and muttered the immortal line 'HA2, I'm up her arse'
    We had touching testicles for God's sake.
    That was a proper pile on, even though you spelt it wrong.
    Hope this helps.
  3. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    But on the bright side he did quite well for a wedge, in that he managed to aim it up her arse rather than yours!! :mrgreen:
  4. I stand corrected and am forever in your debt. Just as well it wasn't a 'twos up' with a midget hey? Now that really would have been a tad gay. ;-)

    '*******' a dwarf is OK though.

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  5. there's fat NAFFI birds that are really easy!
    don't shag a sapper bird there horrible! and you can pull birds in aldershot but in fleet and Camberley its a little harder as where banned from there by the can still go but the girls are posh and don't like squaddies
  6. They aren't too posh,you just must be as ugly as sin!!;-P
  7. My thats a well thought out and relevant First will go far young man!
  8. Rackstraw Farm pub in Sandhurst....just along the road from TESCO at the big crossroads....some fit totty in there..all civvies as the muppets from the Academy ain't allowed to go there..

    And the Sandhurst Civvy tarts don't like Ruperts either....
  9. LOL i forgot about this. There was one nice girl but she wasn't there long. Ah well.
  10. Probably,if you put your hand in your pocket &pay for them.******* tight ****.
  11. So go on then, where did you bury her corpse?
  12. Spunky Woods was always a safe bet
  14. I can see you'll make a fine Pioneer you thick cunt.
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