anyone know anything about fixing cars?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by sammym, May 25, 2013.

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  1. yesterday, I was driving in town conditions. On the way to where i was going, I heard this horrible clicking sound from the drivers side when I was accelerating at all. It is not there when you idle, although is a bit there when you start the car.

    Basically the car cut out at the traffic lights and I couldn't start it again. Had to get someone to help me push it to the side of the road, and then get a mate to tow me home. As the car would not start, it even drained the battery trying.

    So I have tried to start it now, and it will start. It just still has this clicking sound. And it's very easy to stall as in it's not got a lot of power.

    Any ideas? Don't wanna take it to a garage if it's going to be a big bill as the car is a piece of shit and i'd rather scrap it.

  2. Fuel pump trying to pump air. Put fuel in.
  3. It's got over half a tank.
  4. Do you know this or are you assuming that the fuel gauge is correct?

    Locate the fuel pump and get someone to turn the ignition on while you listen to it. If it's the fuel pump that's doing the clicking, you may have gunge in the bottom of the tank/clogging the fuel feed/blocking the fuel filter.

    When was the last time that the fuel filter was changed?

    (This is only the start of lots of things that may need to be checked).
  5. any clues to which car it is?
    at a rough guess if its a metallic sort of ringing ?clicking? I'd be saving up for a new turbo, hope that cheers you up? but seriously it could be anything.
  6. Starter motor or solenoid
  7. Hit the large thing, under the bonnet, with a hammer. The large thing is the "Engine"
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  8. Right - would it help if I posted a video with sound of the noise?

    And the car is an 08 plate 1.5dci megane. I don't think it's the turbo, as that was replaced by renault less than a year ago. So it is under warranty.
  9. It's sammym's.
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  10. Modern cars have so many sensors and gizmo's it's near impossible to diagnose "a funny noise and cutting out" without a laptop and fault code reader tbh.
    If your in the AA/RAC get on your phone and roadside assistance may be able to diagnose.

    Edit to say I've just read Renault Megane..............hahahhahahahahahahah!
  11. Ha ha ha ha h ah ah aha hha ha ha ha enuff said.

    They are a bugger for the turbo seals and spitting all the oil out the exhaust, normallu in the dark so you dont see the clouds of smoke till your engines seized.

    Probably a leaking injector seal though
  12. very hard to fault find from what you have given us, I'm afraid.

    do you have ignition lights?

    Is the starter turning the engine?

    does the car have fuel?

    are you getting spark at the plugs?

    Is the fuel pump working?

    With the engine attempting to turn over, is the valve train turning?

    are you mental for buying a Renault?

    these all need answering (possibly not the last one!)
  13. Yes do that,
    the warranty of renault could be a lifetime or a run down to the shops whichever comes first, you say it runs but wont accelerate it still sounds like turbo, one thing I have learnt with cars that new part doesn't automatically mean good part.
  14. he's probably using part worn tyres:)
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  15. I hope not.
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