Anyone know anything about eyes?!

Been to the opticians this morning, will these figures mean ill get binned at selection (for infantry) or am i alright?

Unaided - Right 6/9 Left 6/18

Corrected - Right 6/5 Left 6/5

I never wear glasses, will this standard of vision require me to wear them all the time, or at all?
As far as I remember it works something like this;

6/9 means that you can read a line of letters at 6ft that someone with 'perfect' sight can read at 9ft

the same with 6/18 you can read at 6ft what a 'perfect' sighted person can read at 18ft.

As to how that fits in with an Army Med test not sure but there will be someone on here that will know.



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Eyesight Standards The standard personal weapon is the SA80 and this requires vision in the right eye to be correctable to no less than 6/9. Vision in the left eye must be correctable to no less than 6/36. Spectacle correction must be no greater than -7diopters or +8 in any meridian. Certain types of surgery or laser treatment to correct visual defects are unacceptable and clarification should be sought prior to application.
Wearing of glasses is in itself not a ban on service. You must pass the medical and achieve the minimum standards required for both corrected and un-corrected vision

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