Anyone know anything about Blue Hackle or Global?

Hi fellas,

Any of you know any gen about either of those two companies? I mean a little more than their respective web sites tell me.

Any info is good cheers




Got a few mates with Blue Hackle and they haven't complained about anything. Small-ish coy that's got a villa in the IZ. They do mainly PSD (thats the yank terminology for good old fashioned CP) work I believe.
Global is a huge company but has downsized compared to what it used to be. They did have the BIAP contract (which they were clinging onto last time I was there) and the IZ contract (which they lost to Triple Calamity, sorry-Canopy), stagging on all the KP's including the old CPA building. They run PSD stuff as well I believe but the main deal is force protection. Expats are basically guard commaders over a bunch of Gurkhas, Fijiians and LN's. Anyone correct me on that -crack on! They've also got a good spread in the stan as well i believe.
Trouble with working for larger coys is you're really just a number and you get lost in the system so you won't get treated as well as with smaller coys.
Wages? Well as people including myself have posted on these boards, most blokes are taking a serious knock. Some more than others! (CRG anyone?). If you're expecting mega wages look elsewhere as profit is king even more so now as companies lower their offers to outbid each other. Typically enough the blokes take the knock and the risk has never been higher.
having said that there are still good wages to be had (like the mob I work for :D ) over here and some good work if you get in with the right mob.
As I've said before-DO NOT BELIEVE 1000 QUID A DAY JOBS THAT YOU READ IN THE PRESS. THEY DO NOT EXIST NOW!!! Take 7-800 quid off that and you're getting there-if you're lucky.

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