Anyone know any RM Members? Please help.

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by OldCorps, Jul 10, 2009.

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  1. Hi everyone.

    It's been a while since my last post but i've been in the land of the Kiwi.

    Has anyone come across a particularly nasty piece of work called "ancientoneuk" (no quotes).

    He has been posting on The Independent stating he is Ex RM (SF - SBS from what he is hinting at) trained as a sniper, but what is really p!$$!ng me off is the absolute glee he has in the death of our soldiers, and the way he is posting from a position of "authority" with his missions "which to this day he cannot talk about", else he will be in trouble with the Men in the Know!

    Everything he publishes denigrates our blokes. Every soldier who dies he is on there with his cohorts, adroog, studentclass, etc, where others leave sympathy and messages of comfort, the mongrel and his lap puppy "Fin_d_Empire" leave sickening comments. It makes me so angry thinking of one of the NoKs coming across this drivel.

    He says he has not long "finished his tenure in the SF" after being shot through the shin bone with a AK round, but he can't speak about where or when!!!!

    I believe he is bullsh!tting as he said he was in the Blare Peach (a teacher who was killed in the early 70's) and Brixton riots, which were early to mid 70's. Hardly seems like the actions of a man who wants to join the forces.

    If anyone knows any of the Matlows or Bootnecks could you perhaps drop them a line and suss this guy, out as i believe he is a Walt, and if he is, could we do an anti Walt campaign like we did the eBay one to discredit the last "SF Hero"?

    Sorry for the rant guys :x , but these toss potts live here in a fairly safe society and choose to attack the very people who still put themselves in harms way to protect their rights makes me sick :( .

  2. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    '81 actually, I watched them from my bedroom window!

    There is absolutely sweet FA you can do about this, without making yourself look like a complete tit. I would suggest that one of the few options you have is to make a direct complaint to the Online Editor, but that won't achieve much either!

    Sorry to say this, but it is probably best to ignore it!
  3. He is probably an utter w'nker who was kicked out of the Royal Marine Reserve for crawling into bed with another recruit and attempting to fellate him during a training weekend. Bitter twisted and humiliated ever since.

    I'm no medic, but I'd hazard a guess that if an AK round goes through your shin bone, as he claims, you're probably going to be diffy a leg....

    The guy is probably a walt and a scrote and best ignored, but perhaps he can be provoked into letting slip some personal detail that he can be identified by.

    If he is that bitter and twisted sooner or later he will gob off after a few beers before checking whose in earshot.............
  4. If it's on the net there's really nothing you can do, bar meeting him/her? face to face, if you out them, 9 times out of 10 they'lll just deny ect or disappear and then reappear under a new guise and start again.
  5. " The Ramblings of a failed mind" says it all, a ffwit
  6. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

  7. From a cursory glance at his 'blog' (my bold):

    "I am also finding it hard not to comment on such as the holocaust where I do accept that the Nazi's did a lot of atrocious things, what I find equally unacceptable is the lies that have followed, the exaggeration of numbers, the increasing number of debunked "accounts" such as the holy grail of camp accounts e.g. Anne Franks where it has turned out it was written in a pen not available for many years during or after WWII."


    "IBM have always resisted their part in what happened after selling Hitler their machines and database but in short, the German national database made it very very easy for Hitler and the Nazi's to sweep up large swathes of people and of course we know what happened to a great many of them, they were killed."

    Personally I, and most other reasonably sane people, know that what happened is 6 000 000 people died. Of course Chicken Lips here knows differently.

    Sounds like your common or garden lunatic to me: it's not impossible to believe that he still lives at home with mummy alternating his time between posting ballocks on the internet to feel big and looking at dodgy piccies to make him, uhm, feel big.
  8. Having had a quick look at his blog he seems to be the common or garden nutjob. Certainly has never done anything in the forces going by:

  9. Thankyou, everyone.

    I reckoned he was a Walt, but it still gets f!ng goat when you see the comments they post.

    My Walt radar started going when he posted this to me:

    "Oh and a FYI, just in case you want to "come and kill me", I held my crossed rifles throughout my tenure and I passed my CTC at Lympstone amongst things, I am not allowed to speak even now of what else I did but I really am an expert when it comes to soldiering... I wish you luck".

    Needless to say I offered him the opportunity to "discuss his issues" along with my messsage of:

    "Like a large explosion, ancientoneuk is blown back into reality.

    Jackanory was also a programme that broadcast fantasy.

    In the meantime i should be happy you are so old!!!!! so as not to be a threat in the future, i would hate to be in your sights.

    Good luck with any therapy you seek"

    As much as I would like to ignore them, it looks like i'll have to badger the the Inde to put a "Report Abuse" tab on, at least giving readers the chance of having their disgusting words removed.

    Anyway, thanks again everyone, it is good to be able to vent with people who understand.

    Time to catch up on what is going on in the NAAFI Forum
  10. "Oh and a FYI, just in case you want to "come and kill me", I held my crossed rifles throughout my tenure and I passed my CTC at Lympstone amongst things, I am not allowed to speak even now of what else I did but I really am an expert when it comes to soldiering... I wish you luck".

    arrogant shiite!! i dont know of anyone ex-forces that talks like that! :x
  11. Woody, I know mate.

    He is so full of himself.

    Time to do a bit of Modem Probing ;-)
  12. Gremlin, how did you find all this out?

    I managed to find out he lives in Plymouth,his modem details (most likely where he gets his RM fantasy from), but the info you have given me helps a bit more.

    Many, many thanks,

  13. His comments on the sniping article in the Independent, posted in our own Infantry section, led him to be called a walt. My how I laughed. I believe there may be some people on here to ask relevant questions regarding him.