Anyone know about Watches?

UpNorthFighter said:
Whats this baby like? Cheers

Oh f*ck, not another watch thread.....
The only watch to wear is an Omega Seamaster. You can wear it anywhere (well apart from in the shower with shampoo as detergent breaks the seal). Suited & booted, in the field, over a wetsuit, mess kit or just casual in civvies. Read a free copy of some girly Hello or OK Magazine that came with the Mail on Saturday noticed that Prince William sports one in some official photo shoot he did at Dartmouth. Whereas the younger cub William has been spotted in a G10. That traser looks a bit 'busy', a watch should be simple & any timepiece that has the word Tachymeter & too many dials is for those who are insecure.

I remember being a young cub and cadet in the early/middle 1980's trying to wear timepieces the size of an alarm clock and thinking I looked uber ally. A wee bit embarrased, remember as an idiot once taking a crap civvie watch & dropping it in a pint to prove to some girlie I had a waterproof watch. Ah those were halcyon days of innocence. Unfortunately girls nowadays would be more impressed if I dropped 2 E tablets into a pint like Frank Gallagher from Shameless !! I have had my Seamaster 7 years & serviced twice. Still showroom condition & pure panache !

Omega link > Prince William & other famous Seamaster Wearers
UpNorthFighter said:
Whats this baby like? Cheers

It comes in quite handy for telling the time.
I wear an omega seamaster, but only because my brother bought it me, I had an old speedmaster with an 861 movement before, much preffered that.

Rather than starting yet another watch thread, I have heard there is a military version of the Omega speedmaster x-33 only available to "the military" not sure which country but has anyone got one of these, they will be worth f**king loads in the future, just look at the Rolex sub that was issued to SBS, they go for about 100k now.
Ah just did a quick google and saw the x-33 military is only available to pilots so that's me out , but you AAC guys get in there and get one, they might look sh1te but in ten years time you'll be glad you did.
58_Pattern said:
The only watch to wear is an Omega Seamaster.
Its OK but wankified due to Bond.......... So shush

Jesus decreed........ Anyone without a Breitling navitimer or three is a cnut.

Its in the Bible!
I'm saving for one of these.

Would quite like the car it starts too. And it's errm tactical innit.

If I sell my house and live in the car I can get by. :D
And you call me tasteless?

If james Bond could buy his own bling (it starts an Aston Martin DBS for f*cks sake) rather than have a mass marketed ETA movement pile of sh1te forced onto his wrist it would be this watch.
If it's anything like the old Suunto Vector, then it's fecking huge. Other points to note with the Vector,
it has a poor battery life,
the face is easily scratched, and
when you turn the backlight on it lights up like Windsor Castle.

On the plus side, it was cheaper than buying a real altimeter.


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