Anyone know about a new TA Offr 'Fast track' scheme?



Heard about a new fast track scheme last night that is in process. Anyone know/heard about it? I was unable to find out anymore info. Ta. DS.
I think there may have been a thread on this before, not sure.
I think the TA section of the Army website alludes to it as well. If I remember rightly, it cleverly underplays the "real world" commitment required of young subbies after Sandhusrst i.e. PCD, annual camp, range quals, Cambrian etc, etc.
Is this any different from the Sandhurst fast track that was an extended stay that contained a compressed version of the (weekends only) TAPOC?
Call me a cynic but ...

Various types of 'get your commission in one quick and easy go' schemes have been tried before and all failed.

Why? Because (in my experience) most of the people who go through them find that the weekly grind of being a platoon commander - of getting to training nights after work, chasing non-attenders, planning lessons etc etc - is not as much fun as the offficer training where they (pretty much) only had responsibility for themselves.

Result? The Army pays to train people who leave or become dead wood a few months after being commisioned.

Awaiting a flood of examples to show I'm wrong ...
judging by the quality of some TA officers I always thought that they were 'super fast tracked'.


OldandCold - thanks. PVR - I've not idea.
C-A. I was asking if anyone knew of the system, not their opinion of it :roll:
I expect you are right. I also expect most of the one's you've met are AMS.


Ah! :idea:

I am enlightened. toying with the idea of rupertdom. Wanted to see how much more I'd have to do. Of course I realise I'd have to have the frontal lobotomy to remove any navigational prowess, common sense or discipline :lol: :lol:
Das Stab said:
Been in for 9 years, done PTC senior and toying with the idea of rupertdom.
More power to your elbow, then.

I was a little surprised to find out that Rear Entry was an option available to people already in the TA. I thought it was designed to hoover up unsuspecting punters and turn them into ruperts. But lo, verily, it is there for one and all.

If you're already in, you'll need approval from the head shed in your unit to go forward for a commission, though. If that is not forthcoming, threaten that you'll resign and then ping back in via Rear Entry at some other unit (you'd probably be snapped up) - they will probably see sense and let you go for it.


Not convinced yet it's the right move. Need to find out more before I consider seriously.

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