anyone know a James Smith

Discussion in 'Old & Bold' started by blackcoffeemafia, Nov 28, 2012.

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  1. He's ex LI I think - fat ****!
    if you do, could you point him my way please, i would like very much that he tops himself in the most painful manor possible.
  2. Yeah he's mike that is
  3. in the desperation of calling me mike tierny you have failed to make any sense at all fella, dribble on
  4. Was his nickname "Smudge"? If so, I think I know him.
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  5. That would be Croydon then
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  6. not sure
  7. I remember Smudge.

    Racist ****** but strangely that didn't stop him licking a Joe Daki bird out in Yates toilets. An 'horrible **** but knew his coffee.
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  8. ******* coffee drinking **** that he is! FFS he could have shared!

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  9. sounds like our man
  10. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Was his real name James Smith? Tall skinny lad with a mole on his upper left thigh? I think I might know him.
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  11. Just how does anyone point this guy your way?

    Oi mate, Blackcoffeemafia says he's going to ave ya!

    Oh yeah? Who's Blackcoffeeemafia then?

    Don't know mate, he never said.

    I knew a Scateboard Smudge, Electronic Smudge, Wobblegob Smudge and Racist Smudge.

    Racist Smudge is currently in prison with his new wife Delroy.
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  12. **** ugly with a broken nose
  13. No man! You're thinking of Jim Smith, you know, the one with the Weegee cousin, Wee Jimmy Smith. They were from Colour Coats.
  14. if he was in Mortars, he's dead; killed in a barrel explosion. He still owes me a tenner, the fat racist, cvnt.

  15. He probably would!
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