anyone joining the yorkshire regiment?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by leon1986, Mar 8, 2010.

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  1. im currently awaiting my start date for the rifles but as for the current delay with the start dates my instructer has told me to consider a second regiment as i COULD be waiting up to september and as my other 2 choice regiments have nt appealed to me as iv vowed i want to join the infantry an they consist of armoured corps and rlc, if anyone could let me no wat the living quaters and the soldiers etc
  2. Where abouts in Yorkshire are you from pal?
  3. Could you rephrase that so it makes sense?
  4. im from sunny old doncaster :D n i mean any info regardin the regiment etc ex, if anyone is currently serving with them could u enlighten me what it has been like 4 them , missed a few words on the question my apologies
  5. what grade u get leon at selection?
  6. i gt a high b grade, run time was 9 51, i did have the yorkshire regiment as my second choice wen i started my app but the recruiter told me nt to choose that regiment cos its shite bt as i realised after a few week that the recruiters were from the rifles and the guards and they get bonuses for recruits joining there reg lol
  7. lol im pretty suprised uv missed my shitty area wheatley on there ha cant walk down the streets without a smakhed hasslin u 4 20 pence
  8. Although this thread is going nowhere it does not need 30 replies of spelling nazis etc.

    Answer the question or don't!