Anyone joining the TA?


Just wondering now the rules have changed, is anyone joining the TA?

The reason I ask is, selfish I know, but I am looking to recruit some in Wales.

Obviously you have to eligible and fall within the Recruiting Group Instructions. If anyone is interested in the TA Infantry in Wales please PM me.


The Pelt
Yes there will definitely be a lot of retired Gurkhas who would join the TA especially the Infantry as that is what most of them are good at. Given the opportunity, a Gurkha will go to a lot to doing what they had been good at til their retirement which they did not wanted to.

Whoever decided to change this rule should have also considered for other fields like FTRS, NRPS and civil service including police recruitment as the current rule must be a British Citizen is restricting a lot of Gurkhas joining these opportunities that is out there for them. There are who still can offer the British Army a lot of their skills that they learned whilst in the Service but restricted to limited opportunities because of this rule but I know a few who has got them and in these services doing more than what is expected of them.