Anyone joining Royal Anglian Regt might be interested?

I am looking to join the "Poachers" and after scouring the internet found that there was such a thing as The Royal Anglian Regiment Museum at The Imperial War Museum, Duxford at Junction 10 M11 near Cambridge.

My Missus, kids and I drove down there today for a day out and if you haven't been before then it's well worth a visit. Took us an hour and half to get there. We were amazed at the time we spent looking around. Got there at 10am and left at 3pm.

It's mainly aircraft, but there is a land warfare museum, which is where you'll find the Royal Anglian Museum.

The fella in there was quite helpful and gave me a copy of a magazine "Castle - Journal of the Royal Anglian Regiment" which will be read in depth tonight. They also stock hundreds of various new and old local cap badges, cufflinks, books, clothes, mousemats you name it!?

CLICK HERE: Imperial War Museum

A few tips for visiting though:

If you're unemployed it's half price, take proof of a while I wait to get in the Army I am at home with the kids as the missus works part time.

For lunch it cost me £20 for a sandwich, 2 x hot dinners and 2x coffees. So take a pack lunch with kids as it costs a fortune to feed and water yourselves.

Also, already serving soldiers get Free entry to the whole place with their Military ID.

Worth the trip!!!
We went there last year, on a Unit visit and had to pay to get in (theiving bastwards), I have emailed them to see if the policy has changed. I will post the reply.

STILTS said:
We went there last year, on a Unit visit and had to pay to get in (theiving bastwards), I have emailed them to see if the policy has changed. I will post the reply.

Strange......? They told me that today.

Maybe as a group they saw it as an opportunity to cash in?

I brought this badge and lost the bugger already!! I'm moving and the in laws have been interferring! Vanished off the face of the earth!!????

They have an online shop HERE
i went there last month mate...good day out. the missus isnt into that sort of thing so i had to buy her a pair of shoes when we got back just to shut her up
Been there done that, and as Staff guest as well, so that's where the cheap food is at in the Staff cabin!

There's also a sexy AVRE situated at the front of the Land Warfare hall.

The American hanger is impressive, but it can't touch the Airspace!
Well asd promised here's the reply I got:

> Date: Fri, 2 May 2008 12:24:21 +0100
> From: Reception@IWM.ORG.UK
> Subject: Re Service Discount - IWM Duxford
> Thank you for your enquiry.
> Duxford is a National Museum not a service museum such as the RAF
> Museum at Hendon.
> Although most national museums are free, Duxford was set up on a
> self-funding basis along with 3 other branches of the IWM and does
> therefore charge admission fees.
> There are concessionary rates as well as group discounts and children
> aged 15 and under are not charged admission on non event days. Please
> check our website for more detail
> For your information we do offer free entry to all on Remembrance
> Sunday.
> I hope that you are able to visit Duxford soon.
> Kind Regards
> Reception
> Imperial War Museum Duxford
> Tel: 01223 835000 Fax: 01223 837267

this is my reply:
Thank you for your reply, the IWM in London is free of charge. I believe that the IWM should change this policy to serving/retired members of the Armed Forces as it us that make the IWM a place to visit, so you are telling me that any serving/ex serving members of the Royal Anglian Regiment should pay to visit their museum after a robust tour of Afghanistan!

I personally think you should change your admissions policy to reflect the hard work, dedication and in some very sad cases where the ultimate sacrifice has been made then we the members of the Armed Forces should be entitled to free or discounted admission.

There is a massive support for the military in the USA where the museums and theme parks give the forces discount/free admission.

If it was not for us and the veterans then their would be no IWM.



Lets see the response to that then, lol

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