Anyone joined with split custody of kids?

Hi all,

Just wondering if anyone can give me an idea on how realistic it is to juggle full time work, kids, and the reserves?

I have my kids a couple nights in the week and every other full weekend, obviously you have the weekly drill night, which I can make, I can make arrangements for deployment, the week and 2 week courses but I was wondering how many general weekends you tend to need to give up? If it interfered with the weekends my children are round I'm not sure I could make it work.

It is your time, and people understand that the Reserves usually come third - after family and day job.

Nobody comes round your house with a bayonet, forcing you to drive to the Army Reserve centre. People have lives to balance. Kids come first, and if you can fit in the Reserves around that, then do so. There will be no pressure on you to neglect your childcare arrangements in order to attend X / Y / Z.


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You might conceivably struggle during basic training, but if you are able to sort things in an adult manner with your ex then you should be able to make things work.
In my unit, there is generally one weekend a month so would be able to juggle accordingly.

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