anyone joined TA that has had depression?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Reserve Recruitment' started by bikeshoes, Feb 25, 2009.

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  1. Hi guys, I'm am ex-reg and I'd now like to join the TA but I've had a couple of incidents of depression in my medical history (not clinical depression but because of stuff that happened in my personal life and it never affected my work or anything like that and it is all well and truly in the past)

    Has any of you guys joined the TA and had depression on your medical history? I've looked at JSP346 but I'd like to speak to anyone that has actually joined up with this kind of stuff on their medical notes.

    Cheers guys, any info appreciated
  2. msr

    msr LE

    Speak to the Doc at the unit you wish to join.

  3. When my unit was mobilised for Telic a person in my section told the staff that he suffered from depression and was forbidden to hold a firearms certificate. They just smiled and told him he was the sort they were looking for.
  4. BS. please check PMs
  5. Cheers guys and ta for the PMs. Good to know that it's not a definite no.

    Why the hell would they want well balanced people anyway!!
  6. Besides, a history of depression isn't all that bad..... it's going to set in once they start messing you around anyway :D
  7. Heya just while your on the topic of joining with low moods etc, I have wanted to join the reg army all my life well for as long as i can remember anyway lol, im 19 years old now (20 in 6 months) and as most of us do went through a rough patch which i think all happened within the space of a year and this happened around 3 years ago or so, long story short, attempted suicide, self harm, and low moods, went to my GP and he said that it was all to be put onto my medical record and would show up when the army checked it out, i was then sent to a therapist for around 3 months and she did a report that i no longer needed to go to her for sessions as i do not show any signs of depression and my low moods were clearing up, i was never prescribed anything like prozak or anything to tht effect, iv been turned away from the army around 5 times now and the royal marines once but still im intent on continueing my application process, and just trying everything to get in, any information anyone can provide will help me in my life ambition to join the army. This is something iv wanted all my life and i am willing to do everything and anything in order to get in, if anyone knows of an appeal process i people are entitled to please lemmi know, i appreciate your reading time and i apologise for the massive story here but i just need yas to know the details so that u understand the situation. I look forward to hearing anyone views or ideas etc
  8. No but now I've joined the TA I have depression :)
    Good luck with it
  9. lol sorry to hear tht mate n cheers im gonna need it lol, im plannin on tht if they dont let me in im gna try n get an appeal on the go to get in, wont keep me down ;)
  10. Darn, beat me to it :D :D
  11. I had quite bad depression due to personal stuff while on Phase 1 TA training and was told by several people I should come back when I was better... (In fact, one WO1 on staff at ATR Lichfield even tried to talk me out of leaving, apparently the regulars training me thought I was OK - I was good at hiding it) so while they're not medical staff, it seems to suggest generally it's not an issue.
  12. Journo Radar is bleeping somewhat!!!
  13. would you be happier if i typed with a blatant disregard for the shift key and overuse of punctuation!???!!!

    No, wait, that would imply I write for the Guardian. Damn.
  14. I was having a pop at bikeshoes....not you, or have I hit a nerve?
  15. I did wonder, but that was a month ago! Anyway, I never let inconvenient factors get in the way of slagging off the Guardian. ;-)