Anyone interested in English traditional music?

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by Biscuits_Brown, Jun 29, 2013.

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  1. And a touch of the Scots...

    I collect 78's, jazz/big-band/blues/swing mostly but recently took possession of a wee collection of English trad, jigs, reels, morris dancing tunes... That sort of thing. I wanted the storage albums.

    So now I've got these discs that I've no real use for, would like someone who has an interest in the music or the format to have them rather than them taking up space in my back room.

    Not really after anything for them, but I'll take trades of other music (interests above) or "nice" bits of vintage green kit in exchange if you're offering! They will cost a good bit to package and post though.

    PM me if interested and I'll send a list.
  2. sirbhp

    sirbhp LE Book Reviewer

    if no one wants then would you consider giving them to your local county archives ?
  3. I'm in Belfast mate. Morris dancing is a capital offence locally.
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  4. Couldn't the Lodge do a "Cross Community Forum Using the Medium of Traditional Dance" event with the other side at Easter?
  5. Spiffing idea. What could possibly go wrong?

    PS. BB I've sent you a PM
  6. There's an idea, I could get a slice of that European peace money.... "DJ Kross-Kommunity" Aye.
  7. Winner. Happy to have helped.
  8. For Lumpy & others. It might be too long, but this doesn't seem to be going by PM.

    BBC Wireless Military Band - Columbia 5434 “Haste To The Wedding” / “Bonnets So Blue”
    BBC Wireless Military Band - Columbia 5505 “Picking Up Sticks” / “Newcastle”
    Chalmers Wood - Columbia DB1277 “The Dashing White Sergeant” / “Strip The Willow”
    Chalmers Wood's Novelty Trio - Parlophone F3346 “Scottish Waltz Medley” / “Jig Time Quadrille”
    English Folk Dance & Song Society - Recorded Productions (London) “Circassian Circle 1” / “Circassian Circle 2”
    Folk Dance Band - HMV B9480 “If All The World Were Paper / The Black Nag” / “Rufty Tufty / The Maid Peeped Out”
    Folk Dance Band - HMV C1645 “Pop Goes The Weasel” / “Speed The Plough” (12”)
    Folk Dance Band - HMV C1264 “Flowers Of Edinburgh” / “Christcurch Bells” (12”)
    George Tremain - HMV B9568 “Brass Nuts” / “Turn Off Six”
    George Tremain - HMV B9539 “Melodeon North Skelton & Boosbeck Long Sword Dance Pts 1 & 2”
    Harry Davidson & His Orchestra - Columbia DX1179 “Schottische” / “Polka” (12”)
    Harry Davidson & His Orchestra - Columbia DX1653 “Gay Gordons” / “Selection Of Waltzes” (12”)
    Harry Davidson & His Orchestra - Columbia DX1191 “The Boston Two Step” / “Progress Barn Dance” (12”)
    Herr Meny's White Viennese Band - HMV C159 “Post Horn Galop” / “Sir Roger De Coverley Galop” (12”)
    Jimmy Shand - Parlophone F3378 “Dundee Reel” / “Eightsome Reel”
    Jimmy Shand - Parlophone F3397 “Gay Gordons” / “Waltz Country Dance”
    Lauri Kennedy - HMV C1595 “Hungarian Rhapsody” / “Cradle Song / Songs My Mother Taught Me” (12”)
    London Dance Orchestra - Columbia 2995 “Sir Roger De Coverley Children's Dance” / “Highland Fling / Sailor's Hornpipe”
    National Folk Dance Orchestra - Columbia DB2253 "Morpeth Rant" / "Soldier's Joy"
    National Folk Dance Orchestra - Columbia DB2241 “Oranges & Lemons” / “Hunsdon House”
    National Folk Dance Orchestra - Columbia DB1359 “Circassian Circle” / “Pleasures Of The Town / Durham Reel”
    National Folk Dance Orchestra - Columbia DB1359 “Circassian Circle” / “Pleasures Of The Town / Durham Reel” (2[SUP]nd[/SUP] copy)
    Peter Kennedy - HMV B9796 “Jigs” / “Spanish Waltz”
    Peter Kennedy - HMV C3892 “La Russe” / “Drops Of Brandy” (12”)
    Square Dance Band Of English Folk Dance & Song Society - HMV B9570 “Jigs For Square Dancing” / “Reels For Square Dancing”
    Square Dance Band Of English Folk Dance & Song Society - HMV B9811 “Cornrigs” / “Roxburgh Castle / Durham Rangers”
    The Folk Dance Octet - Columbia DB1795 “The Abram Circle Dance" / “The 29[SUP]th[/SUP] of May”
    The National Military Band - Columbia DB569 “Three Meet” / “The Butterfly”
    The Traditional Players - Recorded Productions (London) BH338A/B “Yakki Tunes” / “Waltz Country Dance”
    Victor Military Band - HMV B1190 “Sellenger's Round” / “Gathering Peascods”
    William Kimber - HMV B9520 "Bean Setting / The 29th May" / "Rodney/Rigs of Marlow"
    William Kimber - HMV B9672 "Bacca Pipes" / "Headington (Morris Reel)"
    William Kimber - HMV B9669 "Country Gardens" / "Constant Billy"
    William Kimber - HMV B9670 "Shepherds Hey" / "Laudnum Bunches"
    William Kimber - HMV B9579 "Haste to The Wedding" / "Trunkles"
    William Kimber - HMV B9578 "Double Set-Back / Hunting The Squirrel" / "Getting Upstairs / Blue-Eyed Stranger"
    William Kimber - HMV B9519 "Double Lead Through" / "Over The Hills To Glory"
    William Thomas – Regal G8003 “My Wild Irish Rose” / “The Irish Emigrant”
  9. Give it to your nearest charity shop.
  10. It would be a waste, or I would.
  11. Just to confirm - these are 78s?

    So if anyone does want them, they need an ancient gramophone as few record players produced in the last 50 years have anything other than 33 and 45 rpm.

    That reminds me. I've got a battery-powered record player in my dad's loft (plays 78s!) that I haven't seen for over 30 years and I've got a nasty feeling that I left the 8 U2 batteries in it...
  12. I remember a fair few of those tunes from school not on 78 though. One of our teachers thought inner city kids should get some idea of their heritage.
    Some good tunes there that people will find more familiar than you would think.
  13. Just looked a couple up that were bugging me.

    Morpeth rant; [video=youtube;pXK8tJPklR0][/video]

    Speed the plough is another goodun.

    Another hour with youtube beckons.
  14. Check out modern acts like Spiers & Boden, Bellowhead, Faustus or Belshazzar's Feast to see what the English dance tradition can do - in particular, Bellowhead, which is a sort of dream team collective of some of the finest folk musicians, who take the tradition very seriously, without being solemn and arsy about it.
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  15. It's been decriminalized in Antrim but you have to be holding a "fleg" and a lit petrol bomb.