Anyone in their mid 30s joined the infantry reserves?

Hi all,
I'm looking for some experiences from anyone who has joined the Amy reserves, mainly infantry at 30 or above.

I'm an ex regular. 8 years service as a Comms specialist... In other words a radio operator.
I left about 8 years ago, after a couple of jobs I got an apprenticeship with a company and am now an air conditioning engineer what I'm happy doing, about to buy my property so financially I am well.
I've had a niggling thought about joining the reserves to maybe bring a little of that old army life back. Im currently 34. So my question is any one joined the army reserves or mainly infantry at 30 or older. Is it worth to go through that at my age? I'm reasonably fit, can run a fair bit and hike a lot. Pen y fan in summer and winter done twice. Snowden, Ben nevis (the hard way not tourist route) completed. But what's it like for a mid 30 year old to join. Anyone who has done this I would love to hear from. Thank you.
I was bored of my job/trade by the end to be honest. Sitting at a radio in a comms room or in the back of a land rover for 12 hours wasn't great fun. Maybe I should of retraded at the time but I decided to leave and pursue other options.
Decided on Infantry at the moment as I believe it is the option where I can just be a soldier. Im not overly worried about learning a new trade at this point in time.


Sorry I can't add any experience view points, but from a physiological perspective, and as you may be aware, the capacity for (male) physical endurance is at it's peak throughout your 30s (specially mid-late). That would be particularly relevant for infantry.

Snapper 25

Defo go for it. As long as your fit enough no one will bat an eye lid at your age. When i joined there were a few guys i in their late 40s joining the infantry.
With your pervious experience it will be a breeze and you can help the younger less experienced recruits.


I rejoined at 37 and to be honest it wasn't too bad apart from the broken leg and having to do CIC at Catterick. I stuck out Infantry until my 42nd then transferred to Artillery, I loved doing the Infantry stuff but I found getting over the weekends a struggle.

I suppose it depends where you want to go to but the problem I found was that getting to do what you want and what is sold to you is very different! Despite having good knowledge of Comms the courses in Artillery are ridiculously long for Reserves, things like 4-5 weeks!

Other thing I found in Infantry was you won't always get to do the job you want, I was put in with the CQ but when you rock up for a weekend and hardly anyone else shows uou get bumped down into a Rifle section. Yes that is the basic job but then see my point up top.

Back to Artillery I did my SNCO course but I believe changes are coming in that now link trades to promotion so where courses are concerned (length) it would be a struggle to get on.

I've now transferred again to loggies to see out my time but what I will say is do it, rejoin and if you don't like it you can leave. Just research whats on offer and what is actually available to do.
I’m 39 and still loving it and keeping up with the youngsters. Loads of ex regs see out their days in the reserves and you’ll mostly be respected too. You’ll have to go through basic all over again though.