Anyone in the Regiment recognise this fella?

Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Country_Bumpkin, Jan 16, 2006.

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  1. Has anyone seen this fella before? I know Arrse don't like people giving real names out, so you'll have to read the article yourself. They also published a photo of him on their website.

    I'll quote from the paper: "SAS veteran honours fallen comrades. THE only British soldier to be awarded the American Purple Heart will take part in the Remembrance Sunday parade in Seahouses this weekend".

    The link for the article is:
    Photo is at:

    Click on the 'Seahouses Remembrance Parade 2005' folder to see his smiley face :)

    The general consensus round here is he's a Walt. Can anyone dispel that myth?

    PS. I deleted the photos that originally appeared here. I don't want to be accused of infringing copyright do I?
  2. Why does he appear to be wearing 2 x GSM 1962?
    Perhaps someone who knows about such things could enlighten me?
  3. the third medal in is UN CAMBODIA awarded 1992-1993 only.

    PH only awarded to US Army soldiers and cilvian employees not foreign troops.

    He claims to be in Nam 1962-1975! Not ONE US serviceman did the full 13 years. If he got the PH how come no Nam campaign medals then?

    I had a long spiel with links and everything and the bloody forum blew it out when I licked POST. Bugger!
  4. So he is a young newly trained RAOC Staff Clerk and he is serving in Nam two years later? Wow.
  5. Pure speculation on my part, but could one of them have the South Vietnam clasp? Since it appears that he's chucked a UN Cambodia medal into his set albeit nearly two decades too late, there would seem a resonable chance he hasn't done his research and has added the South Vietnam GSM to complement his story, despite it being an Oz only award.
  6. Thanks. So now we seem to agree that this unfortunate has delusions of grandeur, and indeed is in danger of falling foul of the law - is anyone going to blow his story with the paper who actually printed it in the first place?
  7. This smacks of WALT
  8. Royal NZ Regiment of Artlillery where there, plus other Kiwi Inf units.

    As an aside, the NZ Army has a large % of Maori soldiers. These blokes are pretty nails - so much so, that when they sprung an ambush they would originally leap out and bludgeon the VC to death with their bare hands. They had to be ordered to use their SLRs....
  9. msr

    msr LE

    No, he claims to be SF from 1962-1975.

  10. He appears to have the facial expressions of a man with a secret, the eyes are the window to the soul, and a beret hot off the EBAY catalogue, If we are wrong and he is indeed a true hero, I will be the first to apologise on this forum.....
  11. why doesn't somebody just email him on forcesreunited and enquire about his medals from the pic in the paper??? :roll:
  12. WALT ALERT!! Shall I call the Airsofters?? or the SS tribute club??
  13. Good Idea. Then post his reply on here.
    why do these clowns bother ?
  14. what about this fella The Walt of Walts. Spot the mistakes.

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